You’ve Got 99 Problems But These 12 Scented Candles Will Make Them ALL Go Away


Someone please ring up and tell Jay Z that we’ve found a solution to all of his (as well as YOUR) many problems!!

Evoke the feeling of indulgence during this stressful WFH season with these 12 highly-recommended and popular scented candles, that will have a way of making any mundane activity at home feel like a self-care moment.

Choose your fave aroma and give your home its own signature scent that will make you forget all about the outside world and go into a land of pure bliss and zen!! Aahhhh thas the lyf.

12. Grandma’s Kitchen Scented Candle- by Crossroads Original Designs: A candle that smells like a distant memory that you just want to hold close and NEVER let go off!!

Promising review:

“The smell really was like stepping into grandma’s kitchen. perfect size and these last forever!”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 268.05.

11. Precious Amber Scented Candle by Rituals: A mystical scent that will have you transported to planet ZEN!

Enjoy 60 hours of the Precious Amber candle! Enriched with an oriental, exotic and flowery scent, Amber is a popular and mystic ingredient which enhances other fragrances.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 179.

10. The Wallace & Co. Scented Tin Candle in the scent Pure Amber is literally the smell of bliss brought to life…

Promising review:

“Quality product and UAE produced as a bonus! I picked up three different scents and loved all of them, scent and design. A bit smaller than I had hoped, but will definitely be buying from this line again.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 89 (save big with this one, save approx AED1… yay).

9. A scent that truly checks out! This Bath and Body Works Vanilla and Patchouli Aromatherapy Scent will put in a sweet trance that won’t be all that easy getting out of…

Vanilla Absolute offers a rich, warm aroma that complements most other essential oils. The vanilla aromatics are especially lovely when blended with essential oils in the citrus, mint, wood, floral and spice families. It’s a wonderful addition to soften and round out blends.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 99.

8. Just close your eyes and breath in the sweet scent of the Midnight Jasmine by Yankee Candle, to feel like all your worries are just levitating away!

There’s only ONE left in stock to hurraay friends!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 87.41 (down from AED 106).

7. Orange and Ginger scent by Bath & Body Works: A spicy fruity scent with all the essential oils… your fam/roomie will walk into your room wondering if they’ve accidentally walked into a freggin’ SPA!!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 199.

6. Find yourself in your happy place with this Nordic Black Lavender Aromatherapy Smokeless Candle, thas got a pure romantic and comforting feel to it!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 52.99 (down from AED 160.99)!!

5. Lavender de Provence by Trapp: This candle with notes of french lavender, clary sage and a hint of vanilla will transport you right to the lavender fields of Provence…

This candle comes packaged in a house-shaped box, perfect for gifting… to yourself!!

Promising review:

“There is something about Bob’s Flower Shoppe, a really fresh, unprocessed quality, that really makes it special for me; it smells of an amalgamation of flowers, and not only that but the whole flower, stem and pods. I was expecting to get some heady mix of various floral essences, but this candle really surprised me, and in the best way.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 217.

4. Unwind after a hectic day with these Set of 4 Scented Soy Wax Candles that infuse your space with the right amount of fragrances, while the warm glow creates a tranquil ambience in every room

These aromatherapy candles emit the fragrances of lavender, rosemary, french vanilla and freesia fig.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 97.

3. This Bergamot and Mandarin candle by Bath & Body Works is known to have an uplifting, calming effect, and for its ability to soften feelings of nervousness or anxiousness… much needed during these stressful times, don’t you think?

Promising…. and short reviews:

“Love love love.”

“Lovely fragrance.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 81.

2. This Wallace & Co. Lime and Sea Salt Aroma Candle is literally like the smell of the fresh sea breeze! Sit at home and just picture yourself tanning at the beach with this one of a kind aromatherapy tin candle

Buy it from Amazon for AED 89.

1. Thousand Wishes by Bath & Body Works: Warm your heart a thousand times over with a festive blend of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies & almond crème

Buy it from Amazon for AED 60.


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