Are You One Of These 13 Types Of People During Quarantine? Let Us Know!


Are You One Of These 13 Types Of People During Quarantine? Let Us Know!

This quarantine most of us are doing one thing, all day, erraday! So let us know which quarantine personality are you!!

13. The Netflix binge-watcher always wrapped up in their super comfy nightrobe:

Cotton nightrobe on Amazon for AED 118.20.

12. The paranoid overprotective quarantiner:

The adult raincoat pantsuit is on Amazon for AED 306.01.

11. The newly turned chef and constant baker:

The Black & Decker Mixer is on Amazon for AED 399.00.

The set of 3 cake pans are on Amazon for AED 54.90.

The Pillsbury Cocoa Cake Mix is on Amazon for AED 8.95 .

10. The sweet-tooth quarantiner:

Britannia Bourbon Cream Biscuits – Jumbo Pack on Amazon for AED 2.90.

9. The healthy binge-eater:

Pack of 12 Nestle Fitness Parmesan Cheese and Garlic Toasties on Amazon for AED 31.76.

8. The brekkie quarantiner: The kind of person who only wakes once in the morning for a good brekkie and then crawls back to their bed again

The Betty Crocker Buttermilk Pancake Mix is on Amazon for AED 14.

7. The fitness addict:

The Adjustable Doorway Fitness Bar is on Amazon for AED 81.29 (down from AED 162.58).

6. The family guy:

Buy the family pack of matching cosy onesie PJs on Amazon for AED AED 600.82.

5. The yogi:

Buy the Unisex Adult Yoga Mat from Amazon for AED 44 (down from AED 59).

3. The ‘da Vinci‘ quarantiner:

Buy the 145-Piece Art Set from Amazon for AED 159.90. 

2. The obsessive organizer:

The 8 Pocket Bathroom Storage Bag is on Amazon for AED 47.94.

The Folding Bamboo Shoes Rack is on Amazon for AED 114.90.

1. The Monica Geller: The one who likes to constantly clean and tidy things up

The Magic Broom and Retractable Sweeper is on Amazon for AED 59.99.

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