2020 Is Getting Crazier So Gear Up With 6 Products Just Incase There Really Is An Alien Invasion Next!


2020 Is Getting Crazier So Gear Up With 6 Products Just Incase There Really Is An Alien Invasion Next!

Alright, guys HOLD UP!

We know that 2020 is getting a lil out of hand right now and the internet has predicted that probably the next surprise that this interesting year has in store for us is an ALIEN INVASION!

Because we know now that whatever we see on the internet is all true and nothing but the TRUTH…jk…

But still better safe than sorry, amirite?

So just in case there really is an alien invasion coming up shortly, you gots to make ’em aliens believe that you’re in cahoots with them! Thas the only way you’ll survive this…

And these 6 products will fool those extraterrestrial invaders right away!

6. Walk around in this Green Inflatable ET Monster Costume and have them aliens fooled thinking they’ve already caught you! This is just basic alien-survival 101 people.

Promising review:

“Great outfit and worked perfectly.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 128.00.

5. Fully disguise your toddler in this Toy Story Alien Costume and the aliens will be left completely CLUELESS!

Promising review:

“We liked that this costume is super warm for our toddler and the quality of the product was great for the price!”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 124.24.

4. You never know with an alien… they might actually end up checking your feet first! And as long as you have these ET Alien Crew Socks on, they’ll just think you’re one of them and walk right away!

Buy it from Amazon for .

3. Well… suppose they break into your home, once they see this High-Tech Glowing Alien Night Light they’ll probably end up making you their human leader thinking that their commander is conspiring with you against humans!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 85.61.

2. Give the aliens a sign that you’re on their side with this Toy Story Alien Night Light… because surely aliens stream the Toy Story movie for their kids too!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 133.64.

1. Have your toddler safe from alien abduction with this cute Alien Hat and Mitten Set! Aliens will be left too fascinated with get-up and will forget their world domination plan altogether.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 73.15.

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Bring it on 2020!! Aliens… we are ready for you.

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