Dive In With These 5 Adult Swimming Goggles Fit For Triathlons And Other Such Water Sports!


Dive In With These 5 Adult Swimming Goggles Fit For Triathlons And Other Such Water Sports!

Whether you’re a serious swimmer, competitive swimmer, water Olympian, triathlon swimmer, swim for fun, to stay fit or just have REALLY sensitive eyes, these 5 protective adult swimming goggles will have you owning the waters like never before!

Now you can virtually glide to the finish line without getting all hazy-chlorine-eyed midway…

5. These Anti-Fog and UV-Resistant Swimming Goggles will feel incredibly comfy to wear, even if you’re planning long sessions at the pool!

The goggles have a specially designed frame for all adult face shapes, which helps reduce water resistance. UV protection and anti-fogging treatments on lens provide a clear view without sunlight reflection under the pool and outdoor swimming.

Promising review:

“Amazing product, anyone who loves swimming, I’d definitely recommend it.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 36.56.

4. This Swimming Goggle with Earplugs Shield is what you call ‘competition goggles’, with a streamlined shape you’re guaranteed a swift, speedy and hassle-free swim.

Promising review:

“Works well: Value for money.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 62.89.

3. Mirrored lenses are the coolest! This leakage-proof 5-in-1 Swimming Goggles and Cap Set can also protect your eyes from the harsh sun rays and will also give you a clear view while swimming underwater.

Promising review:

“Very good quality. And can be resized for kids as well.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 42.98.

2. This chunky UV Protection Triathlon Swim Goggles (with a protective case) is made with premium silicone material and is ergonomically designed to ensure a snug fit on different facial forms.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 79.97.

1. The Speedo Unisex Adult Elite Mirror Swimming Goggles have a hydroscopic lens profile for maximum peripheral vision with minimum head movement! Plus they come with interchangeable nose bridges for a personalities fit.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 181.15.

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