Swap Your Iron For These 6 Portable Steamers And You’ll Never Look Back Again


Say goodbye to your old miserable life of burning your expensive delicates, and welcome the new age of ironing with open arms!

Your prayers have been answered with a kind of iron that respects all clothing materials, textures and fabrics.

Your clothes will be fully pressed and profesh looking in just a pull of a trigger fam! Issa that easy with these 6 portable and versatile steamers.

It’s 2020… don’t be living like a caveperson with your bulky iron and put it to use for something far more productive (because clearly it wasn’t good enough for your clothes)

6. Blow life into your clothes with this Mini Handheld Steamer for Garments that will wrinkle-proofs all your precious outfits

Promising review:

“I use to iron my clothes and often it happen that I had burned my clothes because of the heat adjustment of iron. Also, iron mostly spoils the quality of cloth. I found this steamer as a perfect match for my pressing needs. It is working absolutely as per my expectation. I am happy with its performance. This steamer gave new life to my suits.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 136.99 (down from AED 199.99).

5. This Portable Steam Iron is the only reason you’ll be looking presentable every day for the rest of your life!

Promising review:

“Like the steam strength.Very powerful. Not heavy overall, the water tank is enough for 2 shirts max, ready to use in seconds. So far so good.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 54.95 (down from AED 384.00).

4. This Laundry Electric Steamer is perf to tag along with you when travelling and it fits perfectly into a suitcase

Buy it from Amazon for AED 77.19.

3. Smoothen away all the wrinkles in only a couple of strokes with this hot ironing machine

Buy it from Amazon for AED 84 (AED 261).

2. The Sonashi garment steamer is your perfect travel appliance, issa lightweight, compact and super sleek!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 78 (down from AED 149).

1. This Black+Decker Garment Steamer will keep your clothes prim, proper and completely crease-free

Promising review:

“Great product I am proud to recommend.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 129 (down from AED 265).


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