7 Genius Hair Gadgets To Have Your Hair Looking Profesh All Day Erraday


7 Genius Hair Gadgets To Have Your Hair Looking Profesh All Day Erraday

Dress like the job you want doesn’t only apply to your clothing, it also applies to your mane.

Fresh, washed, styled hair can never do you wrong! Get the salon-finish hairdo minus the OTT expenditures with these 7 hairstyling gadgets.

All your frizzy, untamed hair problems will just go *POOF*!

7. Seriously if you have time for the blow dryer and hairbrush routine every morning then I personally applaud your dedication and efforts in life! But sis, make things a little easier for yourself with this Revlon Perfectionist Thermal Brush Hair Dryer!

Will have your hair dried and styled in half the time.

Promising reviews:

“The paddle brush is awesome for thick and long hair. I didn’t want to buy any boar bristled brush dryer due to personal choice and also it is not suitable for thick and long hair. This brush does not have boar bristles but worked awesomely on my frizzy long hair. Although, I am not sure how it will work on fine or short hair. I recommend it for long or thick hair. It dries the hair really fast and I noticed smooth and straightened hair after using the brush.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 222.00.

6. Step out with glossy mermaid curls with a lil help from this Philips ProCare Auto Curler! Heart eyes for this all the way!?

Promising reviews:

“Professional! Philips always makes me happy: gives u a saloon look!”

Buy it from Amazon for .

5. This electric hair straightening brush takes less than 90 seconds to get as hot as 365-degrees Fahrenheit thanks to the professional-grade PTC ceramic heating components. The same components also allow it to maintain a constant, designated temp. Achieve the best results without burning or scalding.

Promising reviews:

“It works! I always use it when my hair is damp, and it does straighten (not stick straight) my very curly hair. Recommended!”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 129.98.

4. They probs use this Advanced Ceramic Coated Curling Chamber with keratin and almond oil for smooth, shiny, healthy-looking curls in showbiz too!!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 219.00.

3. Go from wet bun hidden under a cap to loose, Blake Lively-level textured waves with this Revlon Triple Waver!

Promising reviews:

“I have long hair that’s naturally semi-straight and hardly holds any shape in place ( whether it’s curls or waves). However, I love this tool because it gives kinda tight waves and not beach-like waves, which I myself I like because as the day goes by and my hair loosens up, it looks more of a beach ish wave. I think it’s really good, with some hairspray afterwards you would be good to go all day. U should totally totally buy this.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 135.50.

2. If doll-like bouncy and full of life ringlets are more your thing then this Philips Stylecare Essential Hair Curler will do you justice.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 104.85.

1. BIKUUL Ionic Beard&Hair Brush was designed to do two things: save you valuable time and achieve your best look consistently with all-day results.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 69.99.

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