Show Your Mom How Much You Care With These 7 Mother’s Day Gifts


Because mothers deserve the best and nothing but the BEST!

Mommys are honestly unreal, from their protective nature to the innocence on their face when you give them any piece of new tech, to how they worry about you every waking second of every single day. Moms are such a gift in life and although they should be appreciated every day, go a little beyond the ordinary this Mother’s Day (Saturday, March 21) and show all the mother figures in your life how MUCH you truly love and appreciate them.

Sooo, we’ve put together the ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide for you to present your mum or mom-to-be, step-mom, grandma, aunts, godmothers (practically any and every mother figure) with this Mother’s Day, and remember she’ll love whatever you give her because after all, it’s coming from her favourite kid (you, obviously)! So go ahead and brighten her day the way she brightens your life!

7. For ’em stylish mommys: The Philips StyleCare Essential Heated Straightening Brush 

Give her the gift of the PERFECTLY straight, shiny and frizz-free locks with this ceramic-coated straightening brush!

Promising review:

“I tried this brush and it works like magic.. within only a couple of minutes my hair is silky and straight. I am so happy with it.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 190 (down from AED 249).

6. For the fitspo mommies: The Fitbit Charge 3, Advanced Fitness Tracker in graphite black

If your mum is big on sports and fitness then get her heart racing with this Fitbit Fitness Tracker, that’s every fit beauty’s dream.

Promising review:

“Great device with the app, easy to use, I use it to track my heart rate during my exercises, for breathing exercise, and to know more about my sleeping pattern.

I just started a healthier lifestyle and it is all I needed, and it has good value for money after I compared it to many other devices including apple watches and Garmin. Fitbit is mostly for exercising, but other brands have features for emails and show more colours, this fit bit will show notifications and for me, that was all I needed.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 359 (down from AED 699).

5. For the workaholic mommies: The De’Longhi Eletta Fully Automatic Coffee Machine will make you your mum’s #1 fave child

Don’t you know? The way to a workaholic’s heart is through their coffee?… Well, now you know and do with that info what you must.

Promising review:

“The machine is great and the Amazon team and delivery are great as well.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 3,099 (down from AED 4,899)!!

4. For the health-conscious mums: Go for the Digital Air Fryer Aerofry by Black & Decker

You know how mothers ALWAYS like their gifts to be multi-purpose and if it serves the whole fam… then even better! So well, gift your momma dearest (and simultaneously the rest of your fam) the gift of good health and tasty food.

Promising review:

“This my friends one of the best air fryer out there you can just live a healthy life after this like the meat you can cook the fish the fresh chicken and frozen ones too is just amazing no change in flavours you won’t tell the difference but there is actually a difference which is no oil added I do recommend this product to anyone who wants to stop frying with oil.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 349 (down from AED 629).

3.  For the listeners or the frequently travelling mommies: Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones in rose gold

A stylish piece that will drown your mommy’s worries away and will just get her jamming to the sounds of the 90s.

Promising review:

“Comfortable, stylish, and most importantly: excellent sound. It is the first headphone I buy and it is changing my life. It makes great music even greater! The noise-cancelling is pretty impressive, I am looking forward to trying it in on a plane.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 1,098 (down from AED 1,521).

2. For the mommies that are always in a rush: BaByliss Elegance Rose Gold Plated Hair Dryer

You just can NOT go wrong with this one pets.

Promising review:

“Lightweight yet heavy-duty. Perfect for every blow-drying need. The chic and classy, polished look that sets it apart from the usual dryers on the market is an extreme plus for me too.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 99 (down from AED 189).

1. For ’em bookworm mommies: All-New Kindle (10th Gen) with Built-in Light, 4 GB, Wi-Fi, Black

Make the book-worm inside her smiling with glee with this ultimate reader’s delight!

Promising review:

“The best thing I ever bought on Amazon! The same-day delivery failed though. Other than that there’s nothing to dislike about this product especially for those who loves to read like me. I can bring it anywhere as it fits in any regular-sized bag. If you’re not really into buying books from Kindle store you have an option to e-mail files to your Kindle and it will automatically convert it to pdf file compatible to your device for free. Battery life is remarkable. Fast charging too!”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 359.


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