So Young Yet So Talented! 15-Year-Old Alyssa Amber Bags A Record Deal In Dubai And Drops Her Debut Track


So Young Yet So Talented! 15-Year-Old Alyssa Amber Bags A Record Deal In Dubai And Drops Her Debut Track

At only 15 years of age, Dubai-based Alyssa Amber, who is also a student of Jumeirah College has outdone herself by releasing her debut track, Strangers, with WestStar Records at the beginning of April this year. With a voice so mature and intricate, it’s no wonder that Amber was able to launch her music career at such a young age.

The Brit talent’s ‘Strangers’ is a polished, pop-perfect three-minute record that takes in modern-day references and combines them with Alyssa’s carefully curated influences.

Her debut track was brought to life through an inspired perceived scenario which evoked emotional sentiments which Alyssa put to into soulful lyrics. It conveys a hypothetical heartfelt emotional turmoil which the track captures and relatable it is.

Well, it’s safe to say that uber talented Alyssa Amber officially makes us regret not doing more with our lives than just sitting around and binge-watching an entire season of Vampire Diaries as a 15-year-old adolescent… oh well.

With a blend of trap, soul, RnB, pop and various subtle under-currents in the melody and production, her debut track hits all the right notes, creating a record that will sound at home on radios and streaming platforms across the world

Those globe-spanning, genre-crossing sounds are a product of her upbringing. Born in London and raised in America and most recently Dubai in the UAE, Alyssa has put her cross-border upbringing to good effect.

Writing songs for more than five years and performing in public for nearly half her life, ‘Strangers’ is the British nationals’ first commercial outing after several years of commitment and dedication to her craft.

Check out the heartfelt track right here!

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