Bader Al-Shaibi’s Drama with “Made in Kuwait” Creators Took Over Social Media

Aya Elgohary

The internet is buzzing with the latest drama involving Kuwaiti artist Bader Al-Shaibi and the creators of the “Made in Kuwait” play. This unexpected saga has taken social media by storm.

Bader Al-Shaibi recently shared chats and proof on social media, claiming that the creators of “Made in Kuwait” stole his idea for a project he had been working on for two years, called “Entertainment City,” which was supposed to launch next year.

The story took an unexpected turn when Bader shared screenshots of chats with the creators of “Made in Kuwait,” further fueling the controversy. The screenshots, however, became a source of amusement as people pointed out the broken Arabic and spelling mistakes,
leading to a wave of memes and jokes about the language skills of Kuwaiti artists.


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While some people are firmly on Bader’s side, making him trend across social media platforms, others find the entire situation amusing due to the poor language in the shared conversations. Memes have flooded Twitter and Instagram, making light of the drama and adding a humorous twist to the serious accusations.

The situation has even brought up old wounds, as Bader commented, “You all agreed to remove the star Layali from ‘Made in Kuwait’ since Ramadan” referring to the incident involving the replacement of the popular actress Layali Dehrab in the play with Kauthar Albaloushi.

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