These 5 Delish Brekkie Spreads That Are On Sale Are A Total Drool-Fest


Whether you’re an early bird, a night owl, a quality and delish spread is always a fave way to either begin or end the day.

Just one spoonful of creamy brekkie spread could be enough to turn your whole day around and give you the lil kick you need to keep going and reppin’ the game at werk or school or wherever.

Here we have sourced five of the most cream-tastic and heavenly brekkie spreads (on sale) that you will devour off in a second… be warned though, if you’re easily made hangry then we suggest you don’t read on any further cus’ this article is a total DROOL-FEST.

5. Go to cloud 9 with just a spoonful of this ULTIMATE Fluff Marshmallow Spread (Pack of 3)

We promise you, once you go fluff, you’ll never go back to the old way of living. Plus a pack of 3 for just AED11.75, no one is losing here pets!

Promising review:

“My Yankee husband loves this, and I love to make him happy; therefore,… I’ve ordered this twice now, and it’s arrived in good condition. I’ve ordered larger plastic containers from the Fluff company in the past, but the smaller jars seem to stay fresh longer. Husband has to have his FlufferNutter sandwiches and Fluff-topped hot cocoa, and Kraft marshmallow crème isn’t good enough for him.”

Come join the bright side by buying the (pack of 3) spreads from Amazon for AED 11.75.

4. GO NUTSSS with this Herman Pistachio Spread that you will not be able to get enough off!

Say hello to your brand new addiction… some even claim that the pistachio spread just may have outdone the OG Nutella in terms of the creaminess and taste!

Buy the jar from Amazon for AED 26.50.

3. Lotus issa mood! And the Smooth Lotus Biscoff Spread is even a BIGGER MOOD!

No need to go out to no moe’ fancy diners and cash out hundreds over one ‘Lotus crepe’ when you can get the ingredients for a quarter of the price on Amazon and whip it up at home yo’self! The reviews have nothing but great things to say, so go ahead blindly order this Biscoff Spread if you’re a fan of the Lotus craze!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 15.95.

2. Issa date!! A Date with the healthiest spread in town, the Goody Date Spread

Yaaammmaayy!! Stock up on these just in time for the holy month of Ramadan and surprise your famjam with delish date covered dishes and delights. Get the pure date spread from Amazon for AED 14.44.

1. Does this OG spread even need an intro?! Nutella: The godfather of spreads is on a massive sale on Amazon… so now you can get the jumbo jar of goodness for only AED 29.50

We’re nuTELLAing you honey, a Nutella jar is ALWAYS worth it. The world may debate on how to pronounce it, but there ain’t no debate whatsoever when it comes to giving this spread the A-team stamp.

Buy the jumbo jar from Amazon for AED 29.50.


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