6 Of The Most Gifted Phones In Dubai


With soooooOOOOOoo many various occasions coming up on a daily basis, you have to be ready with ’em stock of gifts practically every month.

It is no secret that electronics make for some of the best and most productive gifts, so this round-up of some of the most gifted smartphones and… phone in Dubai basically sum up the city’s diverse gifting habits.

6. Huawei P30 Pro Smartphone – Breathing Crystal: Most gifted and best liked

Down from AED 3,399 to AED 2,351.90, this Huawei babe is one of the most popular gifting opts in the market.

Promising review:

“I thought I would have a hard time using this phone, being an iPhone user for almost a decade now; but the phone has good performance, fast, and a great camera… I’m very happy with the phone.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 2,351.90.

5. Samsung Galaxy M30s Dual SIM Blue: Users saved 60 bucks with this purchase

When prices are made so appealing, how could you not choose this for gifting out?!

Promising review:

“I must say it’s a great phone with a very large battery .. that last for very long used time … no hanging lagging or any problems .. camera is good .. the screen has an amazing vivid colour I love it .. a very good deal with low price tag .. I’m very happy .. thanks Amazon.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 688.28.

4. The Nokia 3310 2017: The phone that could prolly survive a free fall from the Burj Khalifa without a single crack

Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the most gifted phones’ in Dubai… kinda unexpected huh?? Anyone else low-key getting early 20’s nostalgia seeing this though?

Promising review:

“A good choice if you want to give this phone to the kids for some reason. Long battery time and light weight. Recalls the old Nokia days.”

Buy it from Amazon for ONLY AED 120.

3. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7: Such a popular purchase that it’s literally almost SOLD OUT!

I mean with this price how could it NOT be sold out, you feel me?

Promising review:

“Very good smartphone for this price. Big memory and a good camera.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 660.

2. Apple iPhone Xs Max: How, HOW can any list of electronics be complete without an Apple product?!

Cus’… you know an Apple a product a day keeps the gadget obsession away.

Buy this for an Apple lover from Amazon for AED 3,280!!

1. Prism White Samsung Galaxy S10 Dual SIM: Sleek and great cam quality, we too give this a double thumbs up!

Promising review:

“The S10 Camera display & Battery life is excellent. It is a joy to watch anything on the screen.

I hope Samsung makes it easy at the time of setup for people to choose between Google & Samsung apps. It some times gets on my nerves when both Bixby and many other apps just refuse to stay out of the way. If they do not do so, I think this might be my last Samsung device.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 2,099.


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