Welcome To 2020: The Year Where Onion Plants Sprout Up Looking Like The Burj Khalifa


Welcome To 2020: The Year Where Onion Plants Sprout Up Looking Like The Burj Khalifa

Kim Donado, a Dubai resident planted an onion and it sprouted up in the shape of the Burj Khalifa after two-weeks.

Okay, we’re not even surprised anymore, it’s 2020… literally ANYTHING is possible this year.

But seriously, what is this sorcery?!

What do you think? Is the onion plant’s uncanny resemblance to the Burj Khalifa a natural phenomenon, OR is it the result of some fine craftsmanship?!

Whatever it may be, we’re still ROOTING for this Burj plant… LOL made myself cry a lil there. Ferny stuff.

The Burj stem just reminded us of this viral organic AirPod! Has someone informed Tim Cook of Apple’s eco-friendly design leek yet?!

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