Caught on Camera: An Egyptian Shoe Thief Was arrested At a Salmiya Mosque!

Aya Elgohary

What happens when a normal day at a Salmiya mosque takes a turn for the unusual? A shoe theft gets captured on camera — that’s what! A seemingly ordinary scene became the backdrop for an unexpected drama when an Egyptian resident was spotted trying to quietly swipe shoes left outside by worshippers.

Thanks to the watchful eyes of the community and the surveillance of security cameras, this attempt didn’t go unnoticed. The footage, which quickly circulated on social media, shows the thief in action with a clear view of his attempt.

People online got a kick out of how bold the theft was, but they also really appreciated how quickly the local authorities handled things. This strange little story ended up showing everyone just how alert our mosque-goers are and how well our security systems work.


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The authorities were quick to respond, and the shoe thief was caught shortly after his misadventure. Now facing the possibility of deportation, his decision serves as a bizarre yet cautionary tale that no misdeed goes unnoticed.

The surveillance footage captured the thief nonchalantly trying on shoes, which sparked a lively debate. While some defended Egyptians, stressing that this man’s actions do not represent the whole community, others questioned whether the theft, though bold, was serious enough to warrant deportation.

So remember, whether you’re stepping into a mosque or any community space, it’s best to keep both eyes on your belongings!

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