Corona Start-Ups: See What Great Ventures Some Dubai Residents Are Coming Up With This WFH Season!

Corona Start-Ups: See What Great Ventures Some Dubai Residents Are Coming Up With This WFH Season!
It’s no secret that a number of small-and-medium-sized businesses are suffering like never before during these unprecedented times. Entrepreneurs are trying to adapt their business models and are investing major resources into researching how the COVID-19 pandemic is going to shift user behaviour in the forthcoming future.
During these critical times, when the global economy is suffering from an all-time slump, many have put their start-up ideas on a complete halt and are focusing on sustaining their current jobs. Although, some have gathered all they have and have jumped in headfirst into the start-up sea during this peak corona crisis.
A number of people have also taken the downtime to work on their side projects, partake in community initiatives, and generate unique business concepts, because sometimes, just sometimes when you pull away from socialising and spend time in solitary, you get creative… and when you get creative, you thrive!
The following three corona start-ups are a clear indication that self-isolation has given birth to some great ideas and thoughtful business concepts that the community is more than willing to help lend a hand to.

3. Dough It Yourself is one such corona start-up thas flexin’ big time this quarantine season!

Dough It Yourself, is Dubai’s first-ever ‘DIY Gourmet Pizza’ kit delivery resto! Seeing how self-isolation has got the best of us to don on a chef’s hat (much to our dismay), this unique concept delivery service is giving you the chance to cook gourmet pizza in your own homes!

From the dough and homemade tomato sauce to the mozzarella and a selection of toppings, Dough It Yourself, have thought of it ALL! Plus, they throw in a cute chefs hat to each order for the ULTIMATE insta-selfie. #KAAYOOOTT!

YUUSS! Dough It Yourself got us like:

In just 3 weeks this corona start-up has sold over 500 pizzas to Dubai residents, who are obsessing over this fab DIY idea!


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2. PÉPÉ BEAR have taken upon themselves to ensure the ultimate comfort for your baby bears with their 100% organic handmade baby clothing

Hubby-wife duo, James and Sophie have launched their direct-to-consumer corona start-up, where Sophie handmakes baby clothing with 100% organic fabrics that are GREAT for the planet and also for a baby’s delicate skin as no chemicals are used in the processing of the fabrics.

So NO more annoyed little babies screaming in the middle of the night because their onesies or tiny lil PJs are irritating their sensitive baby skin…

PÉPÉ BEAR lets you pick your own fabric, size and cuff colour so the items turn out ULTRA personal and they can also match a bandana bib with leggings or shorts in the same print.

“From one mum to another, you can count on quality, care, and consistency with every PÉPÉ BEAR piece. We do everything ourselves from home including cutting out the fabrics, making the garments, talking to customers, photographing… and even some deliveries.

They’ve had a great response thus far with over 15 orders in just 19 days.


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1. The Pandemic Camp is basically two supergirls that are single-handedly giving the world a lesson on how to give back to the community during these testing times!

Less of a corona start-up and more of a corona social initiative, Simran Kanal and Mehak Sunil Lalchandani have gone out (not literally… they’re running this camp remotely) and done what most of us have only talked about doing.

Putting their money and their time where their mouth is, these two girls are giving FREE-OF-COST virtual one-on-one zoom tuitions to students who have dropped out of extra tuitions, because they can’t afford to pay the fees due to financial difficulties atm.

The brilliant duo is focusing on helping out students in subjects such as English, Maths and Hindi and they cater to students from Grade 1 to 5 from the CBSE board. This initiative is only until the end of June.

Humanity is still alive and these two girls are proof of that!!

Students and parents who require this support for their kids can contact Simran Kanal and Mehak Lalchandani via their email

(Please only email if you’re looking to enrol your kids to the camp. They are not accepting any volunteers at the moment.)

If you have a BILLION dollar business idea that you know will thrive amidst the ongoing pandemic but don’t know the first thing about start-ups, then get yo’self this “The $100 Startup: Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love and Work Better to Live More“!

This book will give you the lowdown on all things start-up and the world of low-cost investments.

Promising review:

“Didn’t know what to expect so was pleasantly surprised… Things I liked: 1) thorough coverage of all things related to conceiving, test driving, launching and growing a micro business. 2) case studies and realistic financials: perfectly highlighted the diverse range of product and services that can be offered through such a model of micro business. The financials are realistic numbers, therefore setting reasonable expectations (hopefully) for people who might consider trying or benchmarking. Enjoyed the book a lot, and might be considering trying my hand at some side-gigs. I mean, why not?”

Buy the hardcover version from Amazon for AED 86.55.

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