A UAE Resident Completed A 722km COVID-19 Ultra Challenge In His Apartment

A UAE Resident Completed A 722km COVID-19 Ultra Challenge In His Apartment

Romeo lives in Al Ain and works as an Emergency Medical Technician and healthcare provider in an Ambulance section for Emergency and Public Safety, he’s also an Ultra Athlete and a race with a purpose advocate. 

And over 19 days this April, he completed the ultimate lockdown challenge. The COVID 19 V 19 Project, which consisted of running 19km for 19 days on an indoor treadmill (Total of 361km) and cycling 19km x 19km (total of 361km) to make up a total combined distance of 722km. All in all, it took over 45 hours and he did it while balancing his work on the front line. Incredible.

“I hope that this will inspire you and our readers.
To let them know that even during the lockdown, curfew or community quarantine they can make them self healthy and do their home workout.
To encourage them that they can make a huge difference to somebody else’s lives while they are in the comfort of their home.
That we together can make things all possible. And that they can be a blessing to everyone” – Romeo

Support donations were sent to frontline workers

Any support donations from friends went directly to frontline workers, labour camp employees and no-work-no-pay employees. They donated 3,500 surgical masks, 100 face shields, 100 N95s, 10 thermal scanners, AED3000 worth of food relief.

Romeo said it was (unsurprisingly) exhausting balancing work, family, training and schooling, but he made the focus his goal

Next up: Romeo will represent the UAE and Philippines for the ULTRAMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP

One of few endurance athletes to be chosen for one of the world’s toughest races, the race will be held in Kona, Hawaii and consists of a 10km swim, 423km Bike, and 84 km Run.

Learn more about Romeo here www.romeopuncia.com

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