From Disposable To Reusable Here Are 11 Types Of Gloves (Starting From AED16) To Keep You Protected


The UAE is currently under a nationwide lockdown, with a 24-hour curfew implemented for all citizens and residents in efforts to flatten the COVID-19 curve.

During this curfew, if residents are to leave their homes for essential purposes like work, to buy food or meds they need to register for a permit and once their request has been approved, residents MUST have on protective gloves and masks when stepping out of their home.

Thus, here is a compilation of 11 hand gloves, from disposable to reusable at an affordable price range.

*Prices and availability of the product are subject to change depending on the demand of the item.*

11. Look a lil gangsta when out running errands with these Black Powder Free, Rubber Free, Disposable Gloves!

Promising review:

“Amazing product and strong and safe… Thanks.”

Buy the pack of 100 from Amazon for AED 38.

10. Pack of 100 medium Disposable Latex Gloves, perfect for a quick use and throw

Promising review:

“These gloves are so easy to wear and remove. And it’strong material, also it very affordable in other hand you get 100 glove only in Dhs 35… the best gloves I have seen online!”

Buy the pack of 100 from Amazon for AED 39.

9. If you think it’s too much of a waste to keep disposing of gloves, then these Professional, Black, Powder-free, Reusable Gloves are for you! Eco-friendly and plain economical.

Just wash it well after each use, and you can easily make use of it again the next time you’re planning on heading out.

Buy the pack of 20 from Amazon for AED 49.95.

8. Go for these Clear Vinyl Disposable Gloves if you want a comfy fit, high tactile sensitivity, resistance to common chemicals and cleaning solutions

Promising review:

“As stated in the description, arrived promptly. Value very good.”

Buy the pack of 100 from Amazon for AED 51.

7. If you were looking for those surgical gloves that you mostly see in hospitals, then there you go! These indigo Convenient Dispenser Pack of 100 Gloves is your man

Buy the pack of 100 from Amazon for AED 48.95.

6. These Disposable Clear Gloves are super affordable, effective plus are latex and powder-free for sensitive hands or foods

Durable, highly elastic, and puncture-resistant. Ambidextrous, textured and contoured fingers for improved grip.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 16.93.

5. These Cotton Reusable Gloves can make for a great fashion accessory as well

Promising review:

“Love the gloves! Bought the red hoping they were the colour pictured and they are a burgundy colour. They are beautiful and comfortable! Fit nicely too.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 45.

4. These affordable latex gloves come completely powder-free

Buy the pack of 100 from Amazon for AED 20.

3. Worth noting that these Clear Vinyl Disposable Gloves are the #1 bestseller in cleaning tools on Amazon

Promising reviews:

“These gloves proved excellent for activities in the home. Great for bathroom and personal care. Will definitely buy again.”

“I like this product. Others products fit tight and often ripped while trying to get them on. This fit perfectly yet close.”

Buy the box of 100 from Amazon for AED 34.45.

2. These Disposable Gloves are from a trusted brand if you’re particular on the quality

Promising review:

“These gloves are of good quality. It serves the purpose properly. Meets expectation.”

Buy the pack of 100 from Amazon for AED 47.

1. High-quality Non-Tearable Latex Gloves that are convenient for home wear and outside wear

Buy the pack of 100 from Amazon for AED 34.


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