Dr. Amthal Alhuwailah Sparked Immediate Action After A Viral Child Abuse Video

Aya Elgohary

In a recent incident that has caught the attention of the public, Dr. Amthal Al-Huwailah, the Minister of Social Affairs, took decisive action following a distressing video that circulated on social media. The video showed a young child, no older than ten, tied up with ropes and forced to pull a car, sparking widespread outrage.

Dr. Amthal referred the case to the Public Prosecution to ensure that the child’s abuser faces legal consequences. She emphasized the ministry’s commitment to protecting children from violence and exploitation, following the protocols established by law.

The Ministry of Social Affairs also directed the Higher Council for Family Affairs to monitor the situation closely and take necessary actions to protect children’s rights. This includes preventing physical, mental, and emotional abuse and ensuring a safe environment for all children.


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Public reaction on social media has been intense, with many calling for stricter measures to prevent such abuses. Some people expressed their frustration over the ongoing issue of child exploitation and the need for more strict child protection laws.

Dr. Al-Huwaila reinforced the ministry’s dedication to implementing all necessary measures to combat child abuse and exploitation. She called for collective efforts to raise awareness and enforce child protection policies effectively.

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