Quiet Gyms Show Residents Are Not Rushing Back To Group Fitness On Day 1


After what feels like an AGE, today is the long-awaited day that Dubai gyms are allowed to reopen.

But will we see packed gyms right from day one? Judging from the response online, and some first-hand accounts, so far, it looks like no.

Some gyms are choosing to remain closed for a couple more days to make sure they are meeting the highest hygiene standards, while others are allocating time slots for users, and working on ensuring max cleaning efforts are in place.

A Lovin Dubai reader hit Fitness First for a morning workout, he was super impressed with the cleanliness and constant sanitizing efforts, and noted the gym was close to empty on the morning of Day 1

Manish Bhagnari was one of the first to hit the gym this morning and he documented an unusually quiet empty gym on Insta. He had an 8.30 am time slot, (following gov guidelines that gym-goers must pre-book visits) and there were only five people in the normally busy gym. Personally, he told Lovin Dubai, he is following basic precautions, but noted there is ‘constant sanitizing’ going on at the gym itself.

Empty gyms this morning show people are slow to return to normal

Residents must book in advance, your temperature will be checked and masks can only be removed for high-intensity workouts


Not rushing back on day 1: Iconic Fitness in Dubai Marina is waiting until Sunday to open

Although gyms can officially open today, some are choosing to use the next few days to make sure the return is as safe as possible for gym-goers and staff.

“Officially, the Dubai Government has said that gyms can reopen tomorrow, May 27th. However, despite this, we are not going to rush back.

Instead, we are working diligently right now to make sure that not only do we comply with the government regulations, but also everything we believe is important to give you peace-of-mind that it is as safe as possible to return. One day is simply not appropriate to properly prepare a safe, fun and effective training program” Andy, Iconic Fitness

Twitter responded: Some folks are holding out to see how busy gyms get before returning

Some are waiting to see how the situation develops, before rushing back

While others are back to normal and will simply avoid busy times for now

Realising gyms are open and you’ve got to go back

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According to an updated list of guidelines issued by Dubai Economy for the reopening of businesses and commercial activities, offices in the emirate can resume normal operating hours from Wednesday, May 27.

From the previous limited capacity level of 30%, offices in Dubai will now be able to increase their workforce and client occupancy to 50% in common areas and within the office premises.⁣

Also, all elevators in the building must have a clear set of markings on the floor that indicate gaps for social distancing.  ⁣

Residents are being reminded to commute safely and to continue to follow the precautionary measures of personal hygiene to maintain their health and safety when out in public

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