Dubai’s Plans To Make Drive-In Cinemas A Thing Will Have You Living Out Your Romcom Fantasies


Dubai’s Plans To Make Drive-In Cinemas A Thing Will Have You Living Out Your Romcom Fantasies

YAAAS people, it’s finally happening! We have seen it in movies, have attended outdoor cinema fests, some of us have even thought about venturing into the niche outdoor cinema market with our friends, only to reach zero fruition… But now the UAE is majorly considering the implementation of drive-in cinemas in the post-pandemic world and UAE residents STAN.

Now you can ACTUALLY live out your 80s romcom fantasies with bae as the UAE unfolds plans of making a resurgence of drive-in cinemas in Dubai, Sharjah and RAK!

Date night plans SORTED.

The concept of drive-in cinemas opening up to crowd-wary cinemagoers during the cooler months is a propelling solution to ensure social distancing in the months following the slow down of the global pandemic.

Drive-in cinemas could become the new normal in the UAE as moviegoers can enjoy watching films from the comfort of their own personalized space, with hygiene and social-distancing ensured…

Right now as the closure of cinema halls across the country is still in place, people are resorting to major online streaming platforms for their daily dose of entertainment.

The temporary closure of cinema halls have also delayed the release of many much-awaited films. Plus, the situation is forcing theatre owners to re-consider their operations for the post-pandemic term, where social distancing will still need to be enforced.

Fams and couples all snuggled up under blankets, with munchies on the dashboard and a massive projector in the front playing your fave movie… ahhh this is a movie scene coming to life people!

Till the drive-in cinemas take shape in the UAE, you can create your very own indoor home cinema with the help of this Mini Full HD Video Projector that comes with a projector screen!

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