An Ex-Emirates Crew Member Shared Her Uplifting Redundancy Story


An Emirates Cabin Crew member who was made redundant recorded a fitting tribute to her time with the Dubai-based airline.

Kels, aka @lipstickandluggage worked with Emirates for almost five years, she travelled to 73 countries and she was made redundant during the COVID-19 pandemic when a wave of job loss hit industries worldwide, and the airline industry, in particular, taking the hardest hit.

Kels says that despite leaving the group, along with hundred others, they will still be a family adding that she’s ‘incredibly thankful’ to Emirates for the memories, experiences and support, including launching the first-class suites and the opportunity to host a live broadcast in front of 2million viewers at the 2017 Dubai Airshow.

Kels is looking forward, not back: This is her experience

Yes, friends, Kels is now looking for work!

Using the video as an opportunity to let people know she’s available for duty, Kels added that if anyone needs a VIP flight attendant or social media/PR executive, she’s your gal and her DMs are open!

See the post and contact Kels here

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