Emirates 50% Salary Cuts Will Continue Until September


Emirates salary cuts will continue until September.

According to a report seen by Bloomberg, a memo sent to employees stated that the pay cuts, which were introduced in April for employees of grades 4 and above have been extended until September. Emirates had originally imposed pay cuts of between 25% and 50%, junior employees are not affected by the cuts.

The decision is motivated by the airline’s aim to navigate the negative impact on the business due to COVID-19 and to preserve cash.

Last week, Emirates confirmed some layoffs

”During these difficult times&although we have slowly started our return to the skies by keeping in line with safety measures.The current pandemic has impacted many industries around the world &although we have endeavored to sustain the current family as is.

We reviewed all possible scenarios in order to sustain our business operations, but have come to the conclusion that we unfortunately have to say goodbye to a few of the wonderful people that worked with us.” – Emirates spokesperson.

The airline is opening up more flight destinations from June 15: Flight connections to 29 cities via DXB are available

For those residents stranded overseas, you are currently still required to apply for an approval to return to the UAE

You can apply for permission to return through the Twajudi service. Once you’ve acquired the ICA approval, you will be permitted to return to the UAE.

Dubai Airports have also installed protective microbial shields at each check-in desk and immigration counter to ensure comprehensive hygiene for passengers and employees when interacting over the counter.

Moreover, passengers who will be catching a connecting flight from the Dubai International Airport will be subject to a thorough thermal screening upon disembarkation. Customers will be given new hygiene kits at the gate before boarding their connecting flight.

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