8 Retro-Type Futuristic Living Room Lamps To Vamp Up Your Space


Vamp up your space with lamps as bright as your future, that also give visitors an insight into your unique and tasteful style.

These 8 retro-type futuristic lamps are timeless in their design and will add a dash of pizzazz to any room that they’re placed in.

If you’re going WOW just by looking at them… imagine how much you’ll be WOWing with them actually in your home!

8. This minimalistic Tripod Metal Light Stand will light up to add that sophisticated and modern vibe to your room…

Buy it from Amazon for AED 1,295.31.

7. Showcase your artsy personality with this LED Lighted Flower Tree Branch Floor Lamp

Buy it from Amazon for AED 126.

6. This modern designed LED Living Room Lamp comes with a remote control so you can easily control everything from the brightness to the colour and temperature… how futuristic is thaaat?!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 470.59.

5. Give your room that Hollywood vibe with this Studio Spotlight Floor Lamp!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 650.03.

4. A perfect minimalist Nordic Creative Vertical Lamp for lovers of  subtle luxury

Buy it from Amazon for AED 477.10.

3. This layered orb of light bulbs is equally suited for modern living rooms and any fashionista’s office space

Buy it from Amazon for AED 3,067.99.

2. This Intertwined Wooden Triangle Floor Lamp inherits the classic taste of life with exquisite and simple craftsmanship

Buy it from Amazon for AED 157.78.

1. This sweet lamp issa 2-in-1 beauty! A shelf and a lamp in one package, so you can put out your showpieces on this shelf floor lamp and have them illuminated with the lamp’s warm lighting

Promising review:

“Very practical unit. Looks nice. And adds a nice touch to the room. Well packed, easy to install, and great final product. Matches the photos.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 312.06.

Just remember to turn off the lights when you’re done with them…


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