Graffiti Artists From All Over The World Are Invited To Help Design This One Wall In Jeddah


This year, graffiti artists from around the world were coming together to create a graffiti wall in Berlin. But, you guessed it… Before they could even get started, lockdown struck and the project was paused.

But all is not lost, folks!

From this, the idea for “Graffiti Without Borders” created by Creative State came about. A graffiti wall in Jeddah will be sprayed and YOU are invited to join the movement, unleash your inner voice and add your design to help finish the wall.

Creative State by Vuse will virtually collect art submissions by the creators of the region, to be sprayed on a wall in Jeddah

The same platform that’s entertaining us all summer with amazing DJ sets are now introducing Graffiti Without Borders and it sounds VERY cool.

Some major graphic and graffiti artists have already submitted designs for the campaign including this slick addition from Pablo Fontagnier (aka @hombre_suk_trs)


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A post shared by Pablo Fontagnier (@hombre_suk_trs) on Jul 7, 2020 at 10:02am PDT

Get inspired by @the.azee who wants the spread the message to ditch fear and inspire more creativity


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A post shared by العزيز (@the.azee) on Jul 7, 2020 at 6:50am PDT

Heaps of  other artists are ALREADY spreading all of the positive vibes through creativity and art through Graffiti Without Borders

The same people who brought us UNREAL DJ sets this summer, (let’s jog your memory, Creative State Livestream parties dished out 10+ gigs, 60+ DJs and 50+ hours streamed… it was basically summer summed up!) are now bringing you Graffiti Without Borders, a collaborative project featuring artists from all over the world who will collectively TAKE OVER a wall in Jeddah.

How cool is that?!

The new artwork will be sprayed by Deyaa Rambo (find him @deyaaone), the lead artist on this campaign, who’s going to give LIFE to all your designs.

Interested? Get involved!

Simply send your designs via DM to or post your design on Instagram and Tag using the #creativestateme

Put pen to paper and mark this moment in history with your art

“I was supposed to be in Berlin now, collabing with my man @hombre_suk_trs creating a dope mural together! Instead, we have to stay safe, and stay at home.

That doesn’t mean we can’t create art! That we can’t collaborate, even across borders!! This is an art piece commemorating learning from this challenging time, and I want YOUR touch to complete it!

What: post a stencil design – (A1 Size)
What should it say: Positive message for the world to remember/learnings/something to be grateful for.”


The important bits

Find Creative State Middle East here

Graffiti Without Borders is a collab presented by Creative State & Vuse.

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