The Mysterious Haunted Palace In Ras Al Khaimah Is Now Open To All For A Limited Time


Ohhkaaaay, it was cool to say you’re down for a trip to the haunted sites around Ras Al Khaimah… but now you’ll actually HAVE to go through with the plan with your friends, no excuses because the haunted Al Qasimi palace is now legit open to the public.

The notorious palace in RAK was built by the late Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Humaid Al Qasimi for the cost of AED500 million but was soon abandoned due to mysterious occurrences taking place throughout the palace. Al Qasimi palace was built on a high plateau with a panoramic view of RAK, consisting of four floors, 35 rooms, arabesque glass chandeliers, an indoor pyramid and royal furnishings.

The palace gained its ‘haunted’ status amongst the locals because the royal family occupying the palace at the time literally vacated the million-dollar mansion in just ONE NIGHT after experiencing strange paranormal happenings.

Rumours suggest that the royal family inhabiting the palace moved out after experiencing strange occurrences such as furniture moving of its place

Many locals even reported seeing faces of children peeping out of the windows of the eery yet alluring palace.

The Al Qassimi palace is only open to the public to visit until April 2020 at the cost of AED75 per person and AED50 per person for families and groups

Tickets to visit the four-storey palace with 35 rooms and stunning architectural work can be purchased at the gate. Photography, however, is not permitted at the attraction, so it’ll just be you and the several spirits that have taken over the palace… no biggie.

ALSO, just 20-minutes away from the palace is another notoriously haunted location in RAK called, Al Jazirah Al Hamra – famously known as the Haunted Village or ‘ghost town’, because of its spooky deserted buildings and decade-old abandoned cars.

Tickets are available at Al Qassimi palace’s gates, daily from 9am-7pm (weekends and weekdays).


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