Kuwait Weekend Covered: Your Ultimate Guide to Unmissable Events!

Aya Elgohary

Kuwait’s weekend lineup is buzzing with activities and we’ve got the scoop on where you should be heading to jazz up your leisure time! From live music sessions to cultural throwbacks, here’s what’s hot and happening around town:

Kastana Music Night at Kastana Café & Restaurant

Swing by Kastana Café at Marina Mall for an evening brimming with tunes that’ll make your heart sing. Happening every Saturday, Monday, and Thursday, these nights are your go-to for a dose of good vibes and great music. Why stay in when you can groove out?

Mister Pianist Hisham Hosni at Grand Castell

If your soul’s craving some keys, then you need to check out Mister Pianist Hisham Hosni this Saturday at Grand Castell, City View Hotel. It’s where all the cool cats gather to soak in some seriously smooth piano play that’s bound to keep your spirits high and your worries low.

Retro Night – Korean Theme at Madang Korean Cultural Center

Ready for a blast from the past, Korean style? This Saturday, Madang Cultural Center in Mishref is the place to be. Dress up in your best retro gear and dive into a night of nostalgic Korean tunes and traditional games. It’s a cultural fest you won’t want to miss!

Mister Saxophone Romeo at Grand Castell

Thursdays just got a lot more exciting with Mister Saxophone Romeo at the helm. Held at Grand Castell, this event promises an evening where saxophone solos steal the show and leave you enchanted. It’s the perfect chill pill after a long week!

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