3 Pizza Makers For If The Delivery Man Is Wrongly Starting To Judge


3 Pizza Makers For If The Delivery Man Is Wrongly Starting To Judge

If you’ve been ordering waaaayy too many takeout pizzas lately, then there is a high chance that the delivery man is judging you, the resto is judging you and that you are judging you. So to put a stop to all the judging and get yourself a pizza maker.

Plus the pizza making skill will come in handy you know… especially now that you can’t resto-hop around Dubai anytime soon to scout out your fave pizza.

Also, how much would your fam love you for making them their fave homemade pizzas this Ramadan?? We’re guessing VERY!

Don’t be like Spongebob…

Be like Pizzarella. Who can’t just make pizzas but can also make a whole darn pizza gown as well!

(P.S. The coupon “AMAZON15” is valid for new customers till the 30th of this month with a maximum discount of AED 50.)

3. This amazballs Saachi Pizza Maker can also be used to prepare pancakes, quesadillas and large cookies, etc.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 189.

2. The Geepas Gpm2035 Pizza Maker lets you make pizzas from the comfort of your home. Premium quality materials were used to make this pizza maker, that makes this machine robust and long-lasting

Buy it from Amazon for AED 218.

1. Bring home the BM 102 Satellite Pizza Maker to impress your family and friends with mouth-watering pizzas. Not just for pizza, this home appliance can also be used for making omelettes, crepes, paellas, steaks, fish and more. It can be used for frying, stewing and roasting dishes as well!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 72.

This could be your dinner, but you playin’!

D R O O L I N G.

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