MAJOR Throwback To The Early ’90s With These 5 Game Boys


Staying couped up at home is making us reminisce the good ‘ole days, posting throwback videos and making the best of look back over our childhood albums.

And how can a 90’s kid talk about reminiscing and not be reminded of the simple days of Yo-Yos, Tamagotchis, Walkmans and well Game Boys!!

Back in the days owning a Game Boy in school was like a free pass to sit with the popular kids right away. Game Boys had this iconic murky screens and a chunky physical design that a lot of the present gaming gadgets have evolved from and have been inspired by.

Here are 5 Game Boys that will have you reminiscing your childhood like never before!

5. This SUP Game Box is the perfect gift for your kiddos, retro game lovers and collectors

Promising review:

“I bought it for my son and he was very happy when I presented it to him.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 48.

4. This Sup Double Retro Game Box comes with a multiplatform digital device that can be connected to the tele as well

Promising review:

“It’s great! Brings back memories when I was young but it’s obvious the product is fragile and may break easily if not taken care of properly. So far it’s great, it has its own battery and you can charge it… My friend really liked it and it arrived a day earlier than expected!”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 59.

3. Introduce your kids to your childhood with this Nintendo Game Boy Money Box

Buy it from Amazon for AED 499.

2. This RG300 Retro Handheld Game Boy is anti-scratch, has HD resolution, as well as a clear game screen that won’t hurt your eyes. You can also connect it to the TV via the AV cable…

Buy it from Amazon for AED 236.25.

1. This Mini 2 Handheld Game Boy is as VINTAGE and retro as it comes folks!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 30.


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