Get Woke With Omar Al Duri’s Book On Holistic Balance And Resetting Your Life To Go From 0 To 100


Reset: A self-help book that gives it all back with its’ 15 YEARS worth of knowledge. Nuff’ said.

The Award-winning football coach, personal trainer and practitioner in the health and fitness industry and now turned author, Omar Al Duri (WOW that was one long intro), joined the Lovin Show to shed light on his super WOKE book ‘Reset’.

Reset introduces the five dominos of life that work as a passport for mental and physical health! The book offers an insight on simplifying an overcomplicated industry in which he tackles resetting your habits, mental fitness and how training smart beats training hard in achieving your personal goals.

The all-rounder is a major force and widely recognized in the UAE for his work with the Ghana U-20 African Nations and World Cup squads and for being the host on “The Half time show”, on Pulse 95 Radio (on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from 3-4 pm).

“When it comes down to it, none of us are perfect. That’s why when you look at the book, there’s one domino that’s red… because even if you have 4/5 dominos that’s really good, that one will affect all of them.”

Gain the knowledge on how to find those nuggets to sort out your mental and physical health out from Omar Al Duri’s Reset.


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Get your very own Reset paperback copy from Amazon for AED 72.99!

“The 5 dominos are symbols of how important and vital each domino is in achieving a holistic balance when tackling life’s day to day challenges. From how to fuel the body to how to reset the mind before going to bed it offers takeaways throughout the book in which you can implement in your own lifestyle.”


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WATCH the full interview right here!


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