A Resident Pens Open Letter To Dubai Saying “Thank You” On Behalf Of The Expat Community


A Dubai resident has written an open letter to the city to say thank you.

Maria (IG @worldwithmaria) penned a letter to say thank you to the city she calls home, a city where expats from all over can live in harmony. In the message, she details the pride she and other residents feel to live in a city that embraces different backgrounds and ensures respect and tolerance for all.

She goes on to add that Dubai is doing the utmost to take care of all throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, (not just citizens, but residents too) and used her platform to say thank you to Dubai, “I might not say it often but I wish to Thank U on behalf of the entire Expat community, Thank U for being a home away from home.”

Many expats will relate to the thoughtful message

“An Open Letter to Dubai:⁣

Dear Dubai,⁣

People know you as the ???? ?? ???? but today I wish to tell them that you also have a ????? ?? ????.⁣

You are A ‘????’ for Expats like us, people from differnt backgrounds come here to work and live together in harmony.⁣

We might not be a Citizen but we ????? ??? ??????? everytime you break a World Record (Did you tell them that U have More than ??? ????? ???????!)⁣

We take utter pride in being connected to you, a city that embraces people from different backgrounds and ensures utmost respect and tolerance for each. (200 different nationalities live here!)⁣

We always quote your example when it comes to Infrastructure and Technology or Safety and Tolerance or Charity. (????? ?? ?? ?????’? ??? 10 ???? ?? ????? ?? ??????????????, ?????? ??? ??????????. ?? ??? ???? ????? ??? ?????? 10 ??????? ????? ?????????!)⁣

Amidst this Global Pandemic while the rest of the world is panicking and falling short of supplies, you are not only taking care of everyone in the city but also outside. (?????????? ??? ?????? ??? ???????? ??????’? ????????????, ?????’? ?????????? ?? ???? ???? ??? ???? ?? ???? ?????? ?? ???????? ?? ??????? ???? ??? ???? ??????.)⁣

Many countries are facing a surge in Racism, Communism, Religious Violence, etc, You’re leading by an example to show that there is Zero Tolerance for Such discrimination. (????? ??? ? ???? ????????? ?????? ???? ?? ????? ?? ?????????????? ??? ?? ?? ? ?????????? ???????. ???? ??? ????-??????????????/????-?????? ???.)⁣

Dear Dubai, I might not say it often but I wish to Thank U on behalf of the entire Expat community, Thank U for being a home away from home.⁣

Yours Lovingly,
An Expat⁣ “Keeping Hanging,⁣
We are in this together”

Her followers agreed and shared positive vibes after reading the digital letter

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