This Fitness Influencer Has Been Keeping Dubai Peeps Fit During Quarantine With His EASY Home Work Out Videos


This Fitness Influencer Has Been Keeping Dubai Peeps Fit During Quarantine With His EASY Home Work Out Videos

Thank YOU, Peter Barron, for keeping all of Dubai fit with your super easy-to-follow home workout videos, that virtually ANYONE can manage to imitate.

Peter Barron who is a fitness professional, as well as a personal trainer in Dubai, has been sharing a number of helpful workout videos on his personal IG feed (@peterbarron). These short and snappy videos have been keeping Dubai peeps feeling uber motivated and fit during this self-isolation period when gyms are still temporarily closed.

Barron who was featured on the cover of Men’s Health Middle East Magazine in 2018, gives fairly straightforward workout instructions that even a 5-year-old could follow honestly.

Focusing on the upper body in this workout segment, Barron uses a bare minimum of just a workout mat and a pair of dumbells to perform his workout…


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Peter Barron’s upper body home work out regime consists of:

1. Shoulder Press
2. Walkout w/Twist
3. Bent-Over Row
4. Renegade Row w/Push Up
5. Single Arm Chest Press
6. Bicep Curl
7. Tricep Extension
8. V- Up
9. Russian Twist

According to his instructions, you should ideally conduct 10 – 12 reps per exercise with a rest time of 30-45 seconds in between each set.

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