Time For Some Serious Pillow Talk With These 6 Hotel-Level Comfy Pillows


Can’t really squeeze in the time for a staycation right now?! No problemooooo, just bring the staycation to you sis.

If you’re used to living out of a suitcase and practically jumping from one hotel to the other, this self-isolating period can get a little jittery for you. And the one comforting thing that you NEED right now to calm those wanderlust jitters is a nice plush, fluffy HOTEL PILLOW.

How can you go back to sleep on your ordinary pillow, when you’ve had a taste of the cosy hotel pillow life?! So add some of these comfy, cloudy pillows to your bed and dose off as if you’re staying in a 7-star suite at the Burj.

RL footage of you with your new pillow!

6. The 100% hypoallergenic pack of 2 Hotel Bed Pillows: “These are the swanky hotel pillows you’ve been looking for!”

This VECELO Bed pillow features a reliable design with a soft and breathable cover which helps you reduce the tiredness during the day and relaxes you to sleep at night.

Promising review:

“I had been looking around locally for, what I call hotel pillows. You know what I mean, those full, soft, pillows you find at high-quality hotels and think, “If only I had one of these at home!” I wasn’t finding any around so I started looking online. 

 …The material on the outside is thick but soft, exactly what I wanted. I fluffed them a bit and waited 2 days to allow them to fully decompress, per the directions, and I love them! They are exactly what I wanted. Congratulations, your search is over! These are the swanky hotel pillows you’ve been looking for!”

Buy the pack of 2 from Amazon for AED 374.

5. Catch those z’s like never before with this premium luxury hotel bed pillows

These luxury bed sleeping pillows provide a perfecto balance between comfort and support to keep your spine aligned to improve sleep quality.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 49 (down from AED 70).

4. This Striped Microfiber Pillow =
a. Comfortable
b. Very easy to clean and maintain
c. Naturally antimicrobial… urmm this pillow is a win WIN!

Promising reviews:

“Nice one… worthy… I bought 4 me and my kids loved it as well … highly recommend.”

“Very nice comfy pillow with affordable price, value for money that I recommend.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 31.40 (down from AED 41.58).

3. These Memory Foam Orthopaedic pillows may not be fluffy like the rest but are a one-stop-solution for all health-related sleeping issues

The contour design perfectly supports and aligns your head, neck, shoulder and back, reduces neck & back pain!

Promising review:

“I purchased this for my mom because she has back pain using an ordinary pillow. But when she used this memory pillow, she sleeps comfortably. Her nape feels relaxed and she wakes up refreshed. The cover is also washable so it is hygienic.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 66 (down from AED 230).

2. If you’re looking for the fluffiest and softest pillow in town thas a little budget-friendly too, then go for this Supersoft White Quilted Pillow!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 31.10 (down from AED 47.25).

1. For those sleepers who want a plush pillow to cuddle onto during the night, this softy McSofterpants Microfiber 2 Piece Pillow Set if for you darlings

Buy the pack of 2 from Amazon for AED 23.50 (down from AED 37.80).


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