If You’re Bored In The House Then Get Yourself These Ping Pong Kits To Unbore Yourself


If You’re Bored In The House Then Get Yourself These Ping Pong Kits To Unbore Yourself

If you’re bored in the house and in the house bored, then watchu doin’ son?! There’s so much to do, learn… play!!

Take this extra downtime at your lovely home and learn the table tennis tricks to catch your friends off guard during your next ping pong rally.

*You* after taking down all your friends one ping pong match at a time!

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5. Wooshhaaahh! This Table Tennis Kit is quality and price combined! A set that will last longer than a teenage relationship for sure

The portable ping pong kit comes with two premium table tennis rackets and 10 ping pong balls and one retractable table tennis net.

Buy the ping pong set from Amazon for AED 196.

4.  With your retractable ping pong net, any place can be turned into a game field promptly. The free pouch keeps all components together, safe and sound. Set it up anywhere in the house and take it along with you virtually everywhere…

Buy the ping pong set from Amazon for AED 164.68.

3. If you already have the table tennis rackets and balls and are just looking for a portable, retractable net then this Retractable Ping Pong Net comes at a great price, offering excellent value for your money!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 78.99.

2. OR if you’re just looking for a quality replacement for your playing set then this Walmeck Set that comes with 2 ping pong paddles, 3 ping pong balls and a storage pouch is the one for you…

Buy the set from Amazon for AED 43 (down from AED 79).

1. For unlimited ping pong balls, that you can freely play with and not worry about keeping a count of, get this pack of 60 durable and quality table tennis balls!

Buy the pack of 60 from Amazon for AED 44.

Time to unleash your inner Mike Hannigan

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