WATCH: Priti Malik And DJ Jeff’s Cute Banter At Their Home Salon Is Way Too Cute To Scroll Past


Priti Malik And DJ Jeff’s Cute Banter At Their Home Salon Is Way Too Cute To Scroll Past

Priti’s barbershop TAKE 2.

It all started from a mere hair tutorial back in April, and now look at where we’re at.

Priti Malik gave hubby Jeftin James his second fade this quarantine and honestly, the duo’s cute husband-wife banter in their video is WAAAYY too relatable yet adorable to just scroll past without tagging or sharing it with bae.

Look at quarantine making us all little Ms/Mr Independant this year.

We always knew that Priti Malik was multi-talented, but this quarantine we’re getting to discover her inner beautician as well!


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A post shared by Priti Malik (@pritimalik) on May 13, 2020 at 8:51am PDT

Looks like things turned out pretty well for Jeff, as he be lookin’ hella fine with his fresh fade by the end of this fun banter-filled video!

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