RAK Police Have Allowed A Prisoner To Accompany His Children On The First Day Of School


A prisoner in Ras Al Khaimah was allowed special permission to be able to drop his children on the first day of school- which was for most in the UAE.

The official Instagram account of the Ras Al Khaimah Police shared a video on Sunday showing blurred faces of an Arab father who was granted the chance to drop his children off to school, along with his wife.

The act was made possible through the tracking using a GPS system, before he stepped out of the correctional facility, the Instagram post stated.

The new initiative is in line with the UAE’s efforts to promote family and community cohesion 

No policemen were around to accompany the prisoner, as he wore the tracking bracelet before stepping out the correctional facility.

No details about the man’s crime or reason for serving time were mentioned, but reports say that the children appreciated the efforts of the RAK police and felt that it was “amazing to see, touch, hug and feel our father on the first day of school.”




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