Could Virtual Training Become The New Norm? A Top Dubai Personal Trainer Spills The Beans On The Future Fitness Coaching


Could Virtual Training Become The New Normal? A Top Dubai Personal Trainer Spills The Beans On The Future Fitness Coaching

This week we had Dubai and Toronto based fitness personality, Salma Ismail on the Lovin Show and this dark-haired beauty’s outlook on life will have you a dose of feel-good.

You might just confuse her for a Kardashian with her long black signature tresses, but the only thing that she has in common with the Kardashian-clan is their shared love for FITNESS.

The tuff and resilient trainer is not just a fitness enthusiast but is also an inspiring human being with all her involvement with the Ramadan Month of Good campaign, and always encouraging her followers to do good for other and do good for themselves.

Moreover, discovering a high-demand for virtual training amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and closure of gyms, Salma has taken the gap in the market, as a business opportunity as she sees Virtual Training becoming the next big thing.

“My clients demanded that I do virtual, they were like ‘we are not going to let you go’”

Salma got the inspiration to go virtual and explore training via video calls through her clients that insisted she continued training them virtually. Seeing how much of a demand there was for people to need a personal instructor on hand to keep them motivated, Salma chose to continue her training in a way that complies with the ‘new normal’!


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“I think the whole thing about being on the couch, staying on there for a long time it becomes a cycle. it becomes a habit, right? it’s a lazy mode that we kind of stick to and it becomes our little bubble.”

The inspiring trainer also mentioned how virtual classes will end up helping those who are stuck in lazy town, as they’ll have no excuse of not hitting the gym because of the fees/commuting/distance/equipment /hygiene etc.

Discussing the psychology of how virtual classes will affect people, Salma mentions:

“Okay… there’s a virtual class on right now, all I need to is just get up and do it from where I am… that can be motivating.”

Along with her hubby, Ossama Faour, Salma has launched a new online platform for virtual training specifically for women only (for now), that includes virtual classes and customized online training programs. To check it out, click here.

Salma concluded by saying that the whole point of virtual training is to get people to stay active and in their healthiest most active form.


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WATCH the full interview right here!


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