A Security Guard Attacks And Steals AED1 MILLION From A Dubai-Based Businessman


A Security Guard Attacks And Steals AED1 MILLION From A Dubai-Based Businessman

A complaint was filed at Al Muraqqabat police station around 2.30 pm on June 17, by an Iranian businessman regarding a robbery incident involving an African security guard stealing a briefcase containing AED 1 million.

The complainant in his thirties was on his way to meet the PRO, working for a trader, at a tower in Rigga Al Buteen in Al Muraqqabat, where he was going to hand over the remaining payment of an AED1.8 million deal he had signed with a trader to buy merchandise from him.

The complainant was accompanied by his friend on the day of the incident. On the way to pay the outstanding amount, the Iranian businessman was informed by the PRO that he would be met by a security guard who would lead them to the office where they were to finalise the deal.

The security guard at the tower then snatched the briefcase containing the money at the tower and managed to escape in a car waiting for him around the corner

After which the complainant and his compatriot rushed to the nearest police station to file the report.

The police then issued an arrest against the suspects along with sending out a circular of the car and managed to arrest the security guard behind the robbery in less than 30 mins – a RECORD time!

Residents are being urged now more than ever to lock doors and monitor cyber activities.

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