This Kuwaiti Bank is facing Criticism for Featuring Mohamed Salah in Its Ad Campaign

Aya Elgohary

Mohamed Salah, the renowned Egyptian footballer, has recently appeared in a new advertisement for A Kuwaiti Bank, and it’s causing quite a stir online. While some are thrilled to see a global superstar representing the bank, others are not so pleased.

The ad features Salah promoting the bank, leveraging his international fame and massive following. For many, seeing Salah in the ad is a source of pride and excitement. They believe his involvement brings prestige and global recognition to the bank.

However, not everyone shares this sentiment. A significant number of people believe that the Bank should have featured local football stars instead. They argue that using homegrown talent would better represent Kuwaiti identity and support the local sports community. “We have so many talented footballers here in Kuwait. Why not give them the spotlight?” commented a local supporter.

Adding fuel to the fire, some are calling for a boycott of Salah. They point to his stance on the Palestinian cause and argue that he shouldn’t be featured in the ad. Additionally, Salah’s existing collaboration with Visa has raised eyebrows, with some feeling that his involvement in the bank’s ad is inappropriate.


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The debate has spilled over onto social media, where Kuwaitis have been vocal about their opinions. On Twitter, reactions range from praise and support to criticism and calls for boycotts. One user tweeted, “Love seeing Mohamed Salah in the ad! He’s a global icon and a great choice for the bank.” Another countered, “Why not use our own football stars? We have plenty of talent here in Kuwait!”

As the conversation continues, it’s clear that the ad has struck a chord with the public, sparking discussions about representation, identity, and the influence of global celebrities in local markets. Whether you’re for or against the ad, one thing is certain: Mohamed Salah’s involvement has everyone talking.

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