A Space X Craft Was Spotted Cruising Along The UAE Coastline And It Is Epic


In a latest photo released by the International Space Station, the UAE’s ultimate coastline was featured and it caught everyone’s attention and why wouldn’t it, the photo is EPIC!

It perfectly captured ‘Dragon’, a cargo space craft that was developed by Space X against the UAE’s east coast making it a super cool backdrop tbh.

The Dragon is basically a space craft that’s used to send supplies to space stations and crew.

And the photo is of the space craft reaching the space station while orbiting above the artificial islands of the coast of Dubai.

Dubai looks spectacular from high above

The other prominent cities in the photo that are clearly visible are Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman and even bits of Al Ain. And if you look super closely you can even see The Palm!

The perfect coastline of the UAE was captured by the ISS and the photo turned out even cooler because it had the Dragon in the frame, don’t ya think!

The Dragon looks even cooler up close


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