Top 5 Outdoor Photography Spots in Kuwait You Can’t Miss!

Aya Elgohary

o all photography enthusiasts, if you’re looking to snap some stunning outdoor photos in Kuwait, you’re in luck! This beautiful land has some amazing spots that are perfect for capturing those Instagram-worthy shots. Here they are right here:

Umm Alaish

This hidden gem is a favorite among photographers. With its abandoned, rustic charm, Umm Alaish is a unique experience that’s perfect for moody and artistic shots. The old structures and wide-open spaces give you plenty of room to get creative!

Doha District

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If you’re into urban photography, the Doha District is where you want to be. This area is full of vibrant street art, modern architecture, bustling markets and it also is near the sea with its famous port. It’s a lively spot that offers an amazing opportunity to capture the vibe of port city life.

Musical Fountain Park

For those magical evening shots, head over to the Musical Fountain Park. The fountains light up beautifully at night, it creats an absolutely shining display of colors and water. It’s a fantastic spot for capturing long-exposure photos!

The Green Island

This man-made island is a lush oasis in the heart of Kuwait. With its beautiful gardens, walking paths, and scenic views of the coastline, The Green Island is perfect for nature lovers and landscape photographers alike.

Failaka Island

If you’re up for a little adventure, take a trip to Failaka Island. This historic island is rich with archaeological sites, old ruins, and stunning sea views. It’s a fantastic spot for those who love exploring and capturing the beauty of history and nature.

So, grab your camera and head out to these amazing spots. Happy shooting!

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