Here Are Your Best Spots For Your Khussa

Here Are Your Best Spots For Your Khussa

Lahori’s you’re in for a treat! This time around we’re going to be talking about traditional wear. Culture is a strong point of Lahore and it has been for centuries. That’s the reason we always stand out and OWN our city. How does one do that? One style, wear a Khussa!

Yes, stand out EXACTLY Like that!

One way to stand out in the crowd is through your Khussa. You can wear them with anything you like, you CAN’T go wrong with a khussa. Jeans, trousers, jackets, you name it!

They Just Bedazzle!

Where would you find, all of these? We got you!

Anarkali Bazaar

Wasn’t this obvious? Where else would you go to find the EXACT kind of khussa you want? Anarkali has it ALL. Doesn’t the name put it out there as well? Anarkali, the princess of yore.

Anarkali is a very diverse market. They procure their Khussa’s from all around the country. You’ll also see varieties from Sindh and Multan, which is AMAZING! All of that culture is in one place; That’s why Anarkali is one of a kind and has it all place. Also, the market looks STUNNING at night.


If you’re looking for more of a premium thing. Something that is handcrafted to specialty and made with an essence in each pair of Khussa, this is your place to go. They have AMAZING designs, from chic to pompous.

Their designs are to DIE FOR. Such different and elegant ideas. Who knew that a khussa can be done SO many ways? Scroll down to see what we’re talking about.

Can’t you feel a European touch to this Khussa? It feels so different than the first one and they’re the same thing, a Khussa! But DAMN are we lovin the vibe and difference.

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