5 Places In Yanbu You Need To Visit Before Leaving the City


Yanbu often gets overshadowed by its flashier neighbor, Jeddah, but this hidden gem on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia shouldn’t be missed. Sure, it’s a major industrial center, but Yanbu boasts a rich history, stunning natural beauty, and chill vibes. Now, if you find yourself in the city, here are 5 things you shouldn’t be leaving without seeing.

1. Sharm Yanbu

Nestled on Yanbu’s northern end, the small peninsula of Sharm is believed to be the legendary port that the ancient Greeks called Charmuthas. Whether it’s the legendary port or not, this spot will wow you with its gorgeous beaches and awesome diving spots.


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2. Lawrence Of Arabia’s House

A visit to Yanbu’s historic Balad area is a must. While you may get distracted by the beautiful seaside buildings of the area, head deep into the neighborhood to come across a house that was once the residence of Lawrence of Arabia (the same guy from that epic Hollywood film). While you can’t go inside, you can still soak up the vibes and snap some pics from the outside.

3. Night Market

Dive into the vibrant atmosphere of Yanbu’s night market, where centuries of tradition come alive. Expect to find some cool souvenirs to take home from your Yanbu trip.


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4. Strawberry Farm

This is actually a bit of a drive, as you need to travel about 40 minutes to the east of the city to reach it. The area surrounding Yanbu al-Nakhal is home to a lot of farms; the strawberry farm is one of the few that’s open to tourists. Plus, entry is free.
P.S. You do need to pay SR20 if you’re planning to pick your own strawberries fresh off the farm.


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5. Youth Beach

Yanbu is home to fab beaches, but the ones inside the Royal Commission area are clearly cut above the rest. Now, the Yanbu Waterfront Beach is beautiful, but it’s thronged by a lot of people, so that’s why you need to make your way to a lesser-known but equally stunning beach called the Youth Beach. The best part about the place is that it’s located right next to Yanbu’s mesmerizing mangroves.


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