10 BEST Ways To Celebrate International Cat Day In Dubai


August 8th marks the day to celebrate the existence of the most adorable creatures to ever walk this planet, our beloved cats.

International Cat Day was conceived in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, but today we commemorate the furry babies of our lives, making use of all the great spots in Dubai, that will help do that.

Keep on reading to see how you can make the most of this lovely day:


10. Watch a movie or cartoon about cats- with your cat (or alone, really)

And the movie of choice?

Why, The Aristocats, of course.


9. Train your cat to get used to the outdoors

It’s possible. You just have to try and see if your cat’s the explorative, curious type (which, in most cases, they all are).  You can gradually, and patiently teach your cat to walk out of the house, and roam around a public park in Dubai that allows pets, obviously with you guiding them.

Ever notice how your cat enjoy acting like the inside of your living room is a living wildlife? Yep, imagine how they’d feel once they get used to the outdoors.

Pro tip: Best to start them young, the older they get the harder it’ll be to hard-wire and have them enjoy leaving their comfort zone (aka your home.)



8. Spoil your kitty with a grooming sesh (there’s a mobile one that can come to you!)

Pets In The City has been around since 2011, grooming Dubai pets to look their absolute best.

Take your baby to their store for a grooming, or contact the mobile grooming service that can come to you wherever you are.

What better day to beautify your kitty?

More info here.


7. Take your kitty to the vet for a check-up

A check-up a year (depending on the cat’s age) keeps them healthy and lengthens their lifespan, so why not book an appointment at your local pet vet to ensure your kitty’s happy and healthy.


6. Binge-watch Jackson Galaxy’s videos and become the cat master you so longingly wish to be

Known as The Cat Daddy online, Jackson Galaxy is the ultimate PRO on anything and everything cat-related.

If you find that you’ve got a few minutes to spare, head to his YouTube channel and educate yourself on the proper way to play with cats, how to pet them AND so much more.


5. Volunteer at any local pet shelter

More often that not dogs get to be taken on walks at shelters, or are more than likely to be adopted than a cat- so on your spare time, spend some time with some kitties who are in pet shelters waiting to be adopted.

Some of these cats have been rescued from abuse, found on the streets or fully abandoned by pet parents- and are in need of love and affection.

There are loads of options online, most will take a Google search away but it’s worth checking out this awesome spot in RAK.

The Ras Al Khaimah Animal Welfare Centre is open to volunteers who want to walk animals, spend time with the kitties or even adopt. Check them out on FB here for more info.



4. Visit CatVideoFest at Cinema Akil

Prep for a film festival that compiles all the new, top-rated cat videos taken from audience submissions, music videos, the Internet and more. Cat Video Fest will be enjoyed by all cat lovers at Cinema Akil, in Alserkal Avenue this August.

The best part?

Attending this event means helping raise money for cats in need. The event will partner with cat-focused groups, animal welfare, organisations and shelters.

Get YO purrrr fix.

More info here. 


3. Visit the cat café, naturally

Ailuromania, located in Umm Suqeim is a house favourite not just for yogis but everyone in Dubai.

If you need a caffeine fix and a little sweet time with the once rescued kitties staying at this gem, then here’s your spot.

Ailuromania’s entrance fee costs AED30 with a choice of drink: either water, coffee or tea AND time with the kitties. If you find that you’ve fallen in love with one of the cats, they’re also up for adoption. Ailuromania wants to help cats find furever homes, so other strays can too have the chance at rescue and finding a home.

More info here.



2. Spoil your kitty with some treats and toys

Living in the UAE also means you cven shop your kitty some of these AWESOME gifts without having to leave home.

Exhibit A: online pet-stores



1. Adopt a cat- and add an adorable family member to your home

And remember, do it if you know you’re ready to add an actual family member to your life, not to leave behind or not prioritise.

Here are several options in Dubai:

Adopt A Cat UAE

Adopt A Friend UAE

Rescue Cats Dubai

Look around Facebook for groups that also share stories of abused, rescued, healed, abandoned cats who need a home. The cats will repay you with genuine love and a connection you’ll know if you let one (or more) in your heart.



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