Learn How To Influence Friends And Strangers With The Help Of These 5 HIGHLY Recommended Communication Books


Learn How To Influence Friends And Strangers With The Help Of These 5 HIGHLY Recommended Communication Books

‘Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity.’- Nat Turner

Communication is a fine art, that can help one conquer the world if mastered correctly. So buckle up and start learning the ropes on holding a good conversation that can help you evolve as a person, as well as help you in almost all aspects of your personal and professional life.

Mohammad Sweidan who is a trusted mental and physical well-being advocate in the region, highly recommends these 4 books to up your communication skills from 0-100 real fast…

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5. According to Mohammad, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie is a great book on “how to master human interactions and is really applicable to any situation you can think of in your life!”

Promising review:

“I really find this book helpful to rewire my thought process when it comes to communicating with people. Its a must-read for anyone who wants to improve their communications skills.”

Buy the paperback version from Amazon for AED 54.36.

4. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: A book that shares “very simple changes you can do to yourself, to make you a more effective person in all areas of life.”

Promising review:

“Must read for future generations. Encyclopedia of profound knowledge: 

With this change of role, this mental shift, you would start to see yourself as an advisor to your team members who are empowered to make decisions and seek your counsel when doing so instead of being the one who has to own everything and constantly follow up. I’m often asked, Which of the 7 Habits is the most important? My answer is: The most important habit is the one you are having the most difficult time living. Use your endowments of self-awareness and conscience to help you sense which habit you may need to focus on. Often the best way to change is to pick the one thing, the single habit, and to make small commitments to yourself related to that habit and keep them. Little by little your discipline and self-confidence will increase.”

Buy the paperback version from Amazon for AED 80.00.

3. Never Eat Alone: This bestselling book “strongly highlights the importance of networking and how we all need to be building strong networks in our lives.”

Promising review:

“As a 20 yr professional and manager, I wasn’t sure of how relevant this book would be. Frankly, I found it to be excellent! I have ranked it as 5 stars, something I rarely do.

Ferrazzi covers a range of topics which are as relevant for those veterans in the workforce as those starting out. One item I found especially refreshing was the approach to networking. A buzzword these days, I see millennials and others “lunching” constantly and asking to join my LinkedIn or Facebook and then never hear from them again. Ferrazzi does an excellent job explaining that networking has to be about adding value to the other party and maintaining that relationship over time. Yes, we all leverage our networks to get things done. 

I also found his discussion of how to get value from conferences extremely interesting. I had learned many of the lessons the hard way over the year but I had never heard them so well articulated- come prepared, understand your objectives, who do you want to meet, what are your intersect points, volunteer to help organize, understand the schedule and layout and finally, and most important, follow up.”

Buy the hardcover version from Amazon for AED 97.11.

2. The Art of Talking to Yourself: Because to understand how others work, first you need to understand how YOU work. This book is an invitation for you to look within and it also helps you re-discover and embrace every part of yourself!

Promising review:

“We live in a world where everyone tells us that if we take a personality test to define ourselves, it will help us find the answers, or if we read this or that self-help book, we can figure out what our passion in life is. We go to others to find our answers, but when we follow through their advice without self-awareness, we find ourselves in the same limbo – this book came to my life at the perfect time – I’ve come to discover that I need to embrace the good and the bad, the extrovert, the introvert, the thoughtful, analytical, sensitive, confused, lost and loving self. Really listen to my thoughts, instead of trying to empty my mind. This is not a self-help book, but an invitation to embark in a journey of self-discovery in the jungle of our complicated minds.”

Buy the paperback version from Amazon for Paperback AED 51.38.

1. Talking to Strangers: “Talking to Strangers is a must-read…I love this book… Reading it will actually change not just how you see strangers, but how you look at yourself, the news–the world…Reading this book changed me.”- Oprah Winfrey

Promising review:

“This work of non-fiction is an entertaining and enlightening wake-up call. We should be cautious when we decide who our friends are as opposed to who is likely to stab us in the back. Too often we are dead wrong.”

Buy the hardcover version from Amazon for AED 131.67.

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