Get Creative When Baking With These 7 Artsy Cake Molds


Maybe you’re a novice baker trying to level up your baking game from a standard rectangular cake to ’em resto type designs and tarts, or maybe you’re just looking to try something different in the kitchen to get you through self-quarantine.

Well, whatever the case these 7 artsy cake molds will have your cakes looking the same if not better than those mass-produced grocery cakes.

Just remember to top up your cakes with some love (icing and loads of Ferrero Rochers) and you’re good to go! Happy baking!

7. This Flexi Silicone Cake Mold will have your homemade mini cheesecakes and tarts looking as profesh as ever!

Promising review:

“Good and useful for making cheesecakes.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 69.99.

6. Looking to try your hand on Jelly Puddings or mini round shaped Chocolate Mousses? Then this Round Silicone Mousse Mold is the one for youuu

Buy it from Amazon for AED 85.99.

5. A Rose Cake Mold for if you’re in the mood to surprise your sweetheart with a thoughtful and artsy gateau

Buy it from Amazon for AED 30.

4. Get creative and give your cake an extraordinary look with this Swirl Bundt Cake Mold!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 63.96.

3. These are some beautiful Rose-Shaped Chocolate Molds, so you can go all out when crafting your jelly or cream cheese centred tarts or your homemade choco bites

Buy the pack of 10 from Amazon for AED 33.99.

2. These Emoji Molds are a sure hit with the fam, at parties and are undeniably ‘grammable!

“It’s really nice to make homemade chocolate for kids.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 17.01 (down from AED 35.69).

1. Give your cake a unique doughnut shape with this 9 inch Bundt Cake Pan! An easy bake and an eye-pleasing design foe sure…

Buy it from Amazon for AED 48.

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