Keep The Quarantine Binge Eating Healthy With These 8 Air Fryers Starting From AED180


You’re constantly at home… you’re constantly hungry… you’re constantly eating junk… so why not make that junk healthy?!

Binge eating is inevitable if you’re stuck at home with either very little to do, or because of the stress of how MUCH you have to do… plus the late-night movie nights always call for a little midnight snacking, so why feel guilty about being human??

Enjoy your time off, and eat as you please with the help of these 8 (highly rated and affordable) air-fryers that will make the binge eating sessions feel completely guilt-free and considerably healthier as you get the crispiness without the grease with this futuristic kitchen appliance.

Believe you me, these air-fryers will legit end up becoming your right-hand man in the kitchen.

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8.  The Black+Decker AF400 Air Fryer is ideal for frying and roasting. Making food delish and totally guilt-free!!

The Black+Decker 4 litre AerOfry cuts down on the oil so that you can relish the mouthwatering, crispy food without the added fat.

Promising review:

“As described and delivered in good time. I was sceptical about these fryers but I have not used my gas oven since buying this. Looking to purchase a 4L one now!”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 238 (down from AED 379).

7. The Af300-B5 AEROFRY is designed to function even without oil. Instead of using oil as frying medium, the AF300 uses hot air to fry, bake and grill food!

Promising review:

“It is as described. I highly recommend it since it makes life easier. Throw in some frozen food and after 20 min it is ready. No need to worry about anything.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 269 (down from AED 505).

6. This Black+Decker Aerofry has a food basket that holds up to 4 litres of food, making it easy for you to fry snacks for the whole fam jam in just ONE go

Promising review:

“This my friends one of the best air fryer out there you can just live a healthy life after this like the meat you can cook the fish the fresh chicken and frozen ones too is just amazing no change in flavours you won’t tell the difference but there is actually a difference which is no oil added I do recommend this product to anyone who wants to stop frying with oil it’s just better the only downside is a small container other than that it’s amazing.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 329 (down from AED 629).

5. Just open the food tray of the Saachi Air Fryer, place the food inside, enter the temp you want to cook the food at and set the timer apt for the meal, and then just enjoy your guilt-free munchies

Promising review:

“Wow wow wow. Don’t think twice. It’s a superb appliance for daily use. Healthy n tasty food fryer. I am really happy with the product. Thanks.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 179 (down from AED 349).

4. You’ll be forgetting all about your gas cooker once you give this Tefal 1 KG Actifry Air Fryer a place in your kitchen!

Promising review:

“Really like this and use it most days, can cook most things in it.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 509.

3. For a crispy, healthy, scrumptious, hassle-free, oilless meal go for this Black & Decker 1.5 Liter AerOfry

Promising review:

“Initially I was hesitant about an air fryer but this product shocked me. I used it to make fried and chicken nuggets f0r the kids and it does amazing. The chicken nuggets are crispy from the outside and very tender and juicy from the inside. The fries come out crispy and stay crispy. They won’t get soggy like oil fried fries. I do recommend this product.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 209 (down from AED 215).

2. This ENKLOV Air Fryer is designed with cold & hot air circulation system to help you cook in a healthier way, allowing you to enjoy your favee food with less fat and grease..

Ft. a LED digital touchscreen with 11 presets, a nonstick basket and 50 recipes.

Promising review:

“I’ve been using for a month, it has been working well. I really love all the preset options very useful! If you love fish and chicken, you gonna like this air fryer a lot! I haven’t cooked steak with it yet but will update when I do it. No strong smell stick on the clothes, no more popping out cooking oil!!”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 345 (down from AED 524.90).

1. If you don’t want to disturb the white theme of your kitchen then this slick hi-fi Philips Daily Air Fryer in white is just for you and kitchen’s aesthetics

It uses very little or no oil and fries food by circulating hot air. This makes them not only healthy but very tasty as well. You can manually adjust the time and temperature for desired texture and crispiness. You can use this air fryer to fry, grill, roast, and bake. It has a practical design, which makes it easy to clean.

Promising review:

“Great product. Elegant and clean – works extremely well.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 619 (down from AED 629).


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