8 Pieces Of Amazing Gossip Girl Merch The GG Fandom Will Totally Worship


Hey, Upper East Siders!

This is your chance to be a part of the exclusive group of Manhattan’s elite with their embezzled diamond headbands and extravagant soirées! If you’ve been and still are a loyal fan of the show Gossip Girl, that was the ultimate pop culture phenomenon back eight years ago, then you’ve come to the right place to score some incredible GG merch.

Re-live the totally lavish tween CW drama where we lived out our most preposterous fantasies, with these statement tees and mugs that officiate that you are in-fact the #1 GG fan in the squad.

XOXO Lovin Dubai.

Showing off your new Gossip Girl goodies around town like…

8. We can’t be her… but we sure can wear her – with the Unisex Team Serena Gossip Girl Longsleeve T-Shirt

Serena very much was the epitome of the perfect woman, with her blonde tousled tresses, skyscraper legs, alluring charm and extreme loyalty, we ended up rooting for her even when she didn’t make the best of all choices.

Buy this causal statement tee from Amazon for only AED 29.76.

7. Unisex Team Nate Gossip Girl Longsleeve T-Shirt: Walking around with the face of Gossip Girl’s ultimate heartthrob, Nate Archibald printed on your shirt doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all!

The best one out of the lot, no doubt! The one who always stuck by his friends and was the only one to never send a nasty tip to Gossip Girl about his squad! A gentleman, to say the least, no wonder you choose to be team Nate!

Buy this comfy casual printed tee from Amazon for AED 29.83.

6. ‘Damn That Mother Chucker’ – Blair Waldorf: Gossip Girl Mug

Oh Chuck and Blair… Blair and Chuck… this couple was relationship GOALS! The only thing the GG fandom wanted more than Juliet and her blonde fiascos to be gone from the show were for Chuck and Blair to eventually end up together. Because ‘That Mother Chucker’ and Blair fought for each other till the very end and this mug is an ode to that all-consuming love.

Buy the mug that says it all from Amazon for AED 19.

5. You can also opt for the Cream Gossip Girl Graphic T-Shirt… because one picture is worth a thousand words

Say you’re a fan, without saying you’re a fan… you feel me?!

Buy this chilled out baggy tee from Amazon for AED 28.84.

4. Need a recap on the exciting lives of Manhattan’s elite?? Well then, go old-school and get the Gossip Girl – Season 1 – 6 – DVD set!

Reminisce the good ‘ole days and binge-watch your fave episodes with this complete DVD set!

Promising review:

“This show I have loved since the first episode. It’s been my teenage life. The fashion, gossip, scandals, revenge, the characters, and love triangles are all that this show is about. The characters I love Blair, Serena, Dan, Chuck, Nate, Vanessa, and Jenny. I am very satisfied with how they ended the last season. I still love the show to this day and it’s great to re-watch the whole seasons again.”

Buy this from Amazon for AED 465.

3. ‘You’re Nobody Till You’re Talked About’ (White Gossip Girl Ceramic Mug)- This one line wraps up the entire show in a nutshell!

Sip on your morning draanks and recite the GG mantra while you’re at it: That you’re nobody till you’re talked about!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 19.

2. Little J just got a whole lot tinier in this Jenny Humphrey: Gossip Girl x POP! TV Vinyl Figure 

If little J was your idol back in the days then c’mon need I say more?! This Jenny Humphrey Vinyl Figure was destined to be yours then. Buy this collector’s item from Amazon for AED 219.32.

1. ULTIMATE Gossip Girl fans claim that the books are even better than the series… is that even possible? You tell us by checking out the Gossip Girl: You Know You Love Me Bk. 2

Promising review:

“Diverting entertaining fluffiness about the impossibly beautiful lives of impossibly beautiful, rich young people in New York. If you want an antidote to depressing, borderline morbid YA fiction (of which there seems to be a surfeit these days), this is the ticket. (May be helpful to have an issue of Vogue and/or map of Manhattan at hand, in order to keep all the designers’ names and chic retailers straight). I have no shame in admitting to loving this series, even though I am far removed in age, financial status, and geography from these characters. Vive le reve!”

Buy the paperback from Amazon for just AED 43.

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