Calling All Vegans: Have These 12 Discounted Vegan Goodies Delivered Right To Your Doorstep


The same food that we know and love now completely cruelty free and free of any animal abuse, how can we not love and support?!

With people in the world growing more conscious about animal cruelty and opting to go vegan (including the writer right here) or just transitioning into the vegan lifestyle for health purposes, more and more vegan products have hit the market and the products have become more accessible and affordable to all.

The transition to veganism may not be the easiest thing in the world, but with dedication and the help of these guilt-free yet DELISH food products, the transition into the much healthier and socially aware lifestyle will be a piece of (dairy and egg-free) cake.

Plus, for those who say vegans have nothing to eat… well think again and keep scrolling to see what you could be a part of too!

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12. Say hello to your new brekkie BFF, Biona Organic Almond Butter Crunch

Just whip up a thin layer of the vegan almond butter crunch on your morning toast and head out the door all energized for the day. A guilt-free brekkie spread that will put all others to shame without a doubt.

Promising review:

“Arrived in great condition and has a great taste. No Palm Oil makes this a natural choice. Kids love it too. I think the quality and the price make sense as some Almond Butters out there are either cheap and unhealthy or very expensive and affordable. This brand seems to have won both on Quality and Price!”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 35.11.

11. Compromising on chocolate is not an opt with this Alpro Chocolate Soya Drink!

Thas also a source of calcium just like milk!! Trust you me, Alpro choco soya is oh-so DELSIH that you’ll forget all about chocolate milk and will end up making this alternative choco drink your go-to!

Buy the 1-litre drink from Amazon for AED 12.50.

10. Who says vegan food is bland?! Well that’s deffo far from the truth, and with this Bio Bandits Organic Egg Free Mayo, you won’t be missing the non-vegan mayo one bit

Buy the egg-less goodness from the Amazon for AED 14.84.

9. Bio Bandits Organic Egg Free Mayo Chili: They have the same egg-free mayo but in chilli flavour for all ’em spice addicts!

Well… this review if from a non-vegan but apt nonetheless!

“Tastes well. I mixed it with cheese spread. The taste was amazing.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 14.84.

8. Did someone say nuggets? And that too guilt-free?? AAhhhhHHhh pass some Vitaplus+ Organic Quinoa Nuggets here please!

All that nuggety goodness all guiltfree and cruelty-free will taste a billion times better now knowing no animals were harmed behind the production of ’em.

Buy the organic quinoa nuggets bundle of 4 from Amazon for AED 51.95.

7. Don’t be an impasta vegan and opt for the Vitaplus+ Organic Quinoa Risotto when craving some good ‘ole fashioned risotto

Buy the Organic Quinoa Risotto bundle of 3 from Amazon for AED 43.95.

6. Planet Organic Cheezy Kale Popcorn: Perfecto for the keto diet and suitable for vegans errawhere!

Made with coconut oil, this organic kale popcorn is gonna be dominating the markets in no time! Buy it from Amazon for AED 8!

5. Rigatoni this!! Earth Goods Organic Rigatoni is being sold for ONLY AED 13.94 on Amazon!!!! Is this a dream come true for vegans or what?!

This is the universe’s way of rewarding you for being a vegan! The universe clearly approves and stans.

Buy the protein-rich, vegan rigatoni pasta from Amazon for AED 13.94.

4. All that earthy goodness in the form of Organic Vegan Spaghetti

YAAASS! Promising review:

“Very Good pasta absorbs the sauce nicely.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 10.94.

3. Vegan Oat Clusters Toasted Granola Raisin Almond Crunch: YuUuMmmm if it sounds this good, just imagine how good it will taste!!

Promising review:

“This is the second granola I’ve tried from Love Grown Foods and so far they are two for two. They’ve both been great. It’s all-natural and has 7 grams of sugar per serving. It’s a little more expensive than most of the granola you’ll find in the store but I like variety so I don’t mind paying a little more now and then.”

Buy the jumbo pack from Amazon for AED 73.

2. Quick to prerp and perfection for wok cooking and stir-fry is this Organic Vegan Buckwheat Asia Noodles

Buy it from Amazon for AED 20.20.

1. Season up your salad with the Daiya Dairy-Free Homestyle Ranch Dressing

Promising reviews:

“Finally a fake cheese product that can fool non-vegans! This tastes just like some of the blue cheese dressings out there. There is no way to tell the difference and I’ve tried so many dairy alternative foods and usually, there is something funky in the texture, smell or taste. This just tastes like plain good ole’ fashioned blue cheese dressing. It’s very smooth and pretty thick. Mine doesn’t pour out so I have to use a knife to scoop it out as people might do with a bottle of ketchup. The extra work is worth it though. I don’t love some of the dairy cheese alternatives but this one is completely delicious- I love it!”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 21.

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