Your Pets Will Be Drooling Over These 9 Doggo Treats (Starting From AED4)


I, being a down owner myself can literally swear by these doggo treats that my two fluffballs absolutely slobber over; and I’m sure your doggos will love ’em too!

With all the right flavours and nutrients, these treats are not just tasty super but healthy as well for all the K9s.

You have to keep your doggos from getting bored at home during the lockdown, so might as well play a quick game of fetch with your pets, or try teaching them a new trick and reward them with a treat or two to keep their mind off the outdoors.

Bone Appétit pets!

9. Your doggo will be done with these Pedigree Biscrok Gravy Bones faster than you can say Labradoodle

These yummy treats will give your furballs with all the Omega 3, minerals and vitamins to help up their immunity game and keep their bones nice and strong.

Promising review from a happy pet parent:

“I regularly buy it and so was easy to order when I found it online – what my dog likes, I like.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 10.

8. These Pedigree Rodeo Chicken Sticks are adult dog treats that your furry bae will be making puppy dog eyes for all day long!

Mine even go digging in the trash for the wrapper once the packet gets over.

Promising review from a happy pet parent:

“One of the best treat for MYLO, he loves the taste better than any other treats.”

Buy it from Amazon for ONLYYYY AED 3.95 (down from AED 13.65).

7. Don’t know what it is about this Pedigree Markies but dogs absolutely LOVE these rolled up munchies

Buy it from Amazon for AED 5.50 (down from AED 9).

6. These Purina Oral Care Dog Treats are the one-stop-solution treats to ALL of your doggos dental needs

Promising review from a happy pet parent:

“I am so impressed with these dental bones! My dogs had tartar build-up on their teeth that I’ve tried to brush off with their toothbrush and toothpaste and it was like it was cemented on their teeth. I was thinking I was going to have to schedule dental cleanings for all of them, I have 5 dogs. Well, let me tell you these bones work and they work fast and great! My dogs’ teeth look amazing!

After one bag, there is a very minimal amount of tartar left on their teeth, I seriously could not believe my eyes! My vet gave me a list of dental bones “approved by vets”, that serve the same purpose as brushing their teeth and I chose these. My dogs absolutely love them, they get so excited when I take the bag out of the pantry. So happy I found something that works as well as these do at cleaning their teeth, dental health is so important for overall health and these make it so easy to keep their teeth clean and healthy!”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 17.30.

5. If your doggy is fond of chicken flavour, then these Armitage Good Boy Deli Bites are the chickey treats they’ll surely enjoy

Buy it from Amazon for AED 15 (down from AED 24).

4. These Pedigree DENTASTIX Sticks (for small breed dogs) are pawsomeeee and work wonder on their dental hygiene!

Dentastix dental treats for dogs are low in fat, with no added sugar and free from artificial colours and flavours; a healthy dog treats with a number of benefits.

Promising review from a happy pet parent:

“MYLO loves the taste, no stomach upsets, the perfect treat for our MYLO.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 3.65.

3. These Pedigree DENTASTIX Sticks are the same treats as the one above but for large breed doggos!!

Promising review from a happy pet parent:

“Its a box of 10pc’s and best price than any market in UAE.”

Buy the pack of 10 from Amazon for AED 95 (down from AED 130).

2. For ’em beef flavour loving furbabies, these Armitage Good Boy Deli Bites in beef flavour will have your dog’s tail wagging the whole while

Buy it from Amazon for AED 15.90 (down from AED 24)

1. Haven’t tried these Chewy Chicken Twists with my doggos… but it looks like something that doggos will enjoy… don’t you think? Being all bone-shaped and chickey flavoured

Buy the jumbo value pack from Amazon for AED 75.

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