A Dubai Resident’s Take On WhatsApp’s ‘New Privacy Policy’ Is Way Too APT! LOL


Both Android and iOS users around the world have received in-app notifications of (Facebook-owned) WhatsApp’s updated terms of service and privacy policy, after which the cross-platform messaging application started trending big-time on Twitter ofcourse.

Concerned users were disturbed about WhatsApp’s new feature that enables the app to share personal user data with Facebook, reviving the age-old debate of digital privacy on smartphones and social media platforms.

A Dubai-based resident, Natasha, shared this HILARIOUS meme mocking WhatsApp’s privacy policy and… #facts.

Privacy policies on social media apps have just become a joke tbh🤦🏻‍♀️

Well, ya basically!

Tweeps are sharing polls asking people if they would opt for an alternative to WhatsApp following the recent updates, however, many retorted saying regardless of the new policy, “it [WhatsApp] will remain the most widely used communication app.”

Poll results proved the same!

Users are considering giving up using the mass communication app altogether, however, this is a problem across all social media apps and not just one

From Instagram and Snapchat to TikTok and Google, most if not all established social media platforms have access to user deets at all times. Google even keeps a track of your location history to provide you with accurate searches, suggestions and recommendations depending on your location.

Also, if you’re looking to avoid sharing your data as much as possible then refrain from using easy account sign-ups. Basically, when signing up for a new app don’t sig up via Google, Facebook or Twitter and create an account via your email.

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