Every UAE Resident Should Download This App To Fight COVID-19


Every UAE Resident Should Download The Al Hosn App To Fight COVID-19

A nationwide campaign has been launched today by the Ministry of Health and Prevention and local health authorities to encourage everyone in the UAE to download the AL HOSN app, which is the official COVID-19 testing and contact tracing app.

At a briefing on Wednesday, Dr Farida Al Hosani said:

“This is a fight where our weapon is the unity of the UAE’s society & our shield is Alhosn.” 

It will only be effective if 50% – 70% of the population use it

You can download it on Apple App, Google Play, Galaxy or Huawei AppGallery and join the UAE’s fight against COVID-19

 It guarantees a high degree of privacy protection to the users through artificial intelligence and other technological advances and combines two apps previously launched – STAY HOME AND TRACE COVID.

A representative for the government noted:  The success of this app hinges on the level of usage and how many are using it; which means that its objective won’t be achieved unless 50-70 % of the UAE population would download and use it in an effective way.”

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The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has updated the service hours of public transport, in addition to customer happiness centres, starting from Wednesday, May 20. The revised timings apply to trams, buses, marine transport, taxis and shared transport.

Dubai’s RTA shared the updated operational timings of all public transit in the city on their official Twitter, confirming that the Dubai Metro will run daily from 7am to 9pm.

The timings were revised after the UAE announced that it will reintroduce the nationwide 8pm to 6am curfew, starting from Wednesday, May 20 until further notice.

The new metro timings conform to the revised nationwide curfew from 8pm to 6am (of the following day). Dubai Metro will now be operating from 7am until 9pm for the foreseeable future…

You are adviced to plan ahead and make your way to the station 30 minutes prior to your trip; to avoid any unnecessary delays.

ALSO NOTE: There is a fine of AED 3,000 for every individual who refuses to wear a mask in public places!

The AED 3,000 for not wearing a mask will also apply if you’re not wearing it correctly, which means the mask should cover your nose and mouth PROPERLY.

There are a couple of options available online including this unisex Full Coverage Face Mask (AED29.48) and this black reusable advanced face mask (AED 31.00.)

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LISTEN: Every UAE Resident Should Download This App To Fight COVID-19

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